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Reckless Abandon

This evening, at the conclusion of our religious education classes at our church, one little boy was left waiting to be picked up.  Five minutes passed, then ten.  Ten became fifteen, fifteen became twenty, and twenty became twenty-five.  Finally, his grandfather came to the door thirty minutes after classes had ended and all the other students had gone home.  Sadly, there wasn’t an apology or thank you…only a nod of acknowledgement after I reminded him to be on time for pick-up.

Conversely, the student was very polite and appreciative of our patience.  In between his phone calls home to see who was going to pick him up, we had a great conversation about school, shopping, and the importance of good hygiene.  To his credit, the 10 year-old was not scared or worried, and he gave me a sincere “Thanks for waiting with me” when he was leaving…in stark contrast to his grandfather.  While grateful for the time and chat, I felt sad that he had to wait (and not just because he had to talk to me…haha) – it felt like he was abandoned – even for a short time.

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