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Archdiocese of Vancouver #WYDChallenge (JP II Pastoral Staff)

The staff of the Archdiocese of Vancouver at the John Paul II Pastoral Centre got together to celebrate the pilgrims traveling to Krakow for World Youth Day.

Thanks to our friends at Salt + Light for the challenge. In turn, we challenge all Canadian pilgrims (and especially diocesan offices) to put together their own #WYDChallenge video!

More importantly, we pray for all pilgrims traveling to Poland for World Youth Day.

Follow the pilgrims of the Archdiocese of Vancouver on Twitter at @vanWYD: http://www.twitter.com/vanWYD

#ClayinKrakow Day 6: The Journey Home…and Now What?

Day 6 of my #ClayinKrakow trip was pretty darn long…considering it lasted 34 hours.  With our 4am departure time from the hotel, I decided that I wasn’t going to fall asleep (and risk not waking up); rather I would have plenty of time to sleep on the plane.

So I took my time and packed, talked to my family, talked to some friends, re-packed, wrote my Day 5 post, watched a bit of TV, showered, and re-packed once again.

Cognizant of the 50 pound limit for my suitcase, I was anxious to see how heavy it actually was.  Leaving Vancouver, my suitcase only weighed around 35 pounds as I knew I’d need to leave room for souvenirs, gifts, and a bunch of World Youth Day merch.

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#ClayinKrakow Day 5: Wrapping up an Uber-Good Trip

If you’ve read any of my 4 previous blogs about my Krakow trip, you know how this will begin:  with a massive breakfast of meat, fish, and potato pancakes.  Only because it was my last day, I went outside the box and tried something new:  I had a hot chocolate to go along with my pink grapefruit juice.  So daring.

This was the only day that we didn’t have a formal tour starting in the morning.  So after breakfast, I went back up to my hotel room.  Take a guess what I did:

a)  Took a shower.

b)  Got some work done.

c)  Went back to sleep.

d)  All of the above.

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#ClayinKrakow Day 4: Following in Saint John Paul II’s Footsteps

Day 4 started off the same way days 1, 2, and 3 did: with a massive breakfast of meat, salmon, and potato pancakes.  After all, if ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

We boarded the tour bus just after 8:30am and went to our first stop:  the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy.  The property includes the Convent of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, where St. Faustina lived for over 5 years and where her relics lie.  We also saw the window of the room where St. Faustina passed away. Continue reading #ClayinKrakow Day 4: Following in Saint John Paul II’s Footsteps

#ClayinKrakow Day 3: Next Question, Please

After a tiring day one and an emotional day two, day three today was eventful and informative but without the stress.

I went down for breakfast and chatted with my Public Relations Manager Eunice for a few minutes as I started to eat just as she was finishing up.  I told her how much I appreciated her loyalty but warned her that as my Public Relations Manager she had to remember two important things going forward:

a)  I wouldn’t be able to pay her anything

b)  There wouldn’t be any real work to do

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