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Seattle Seahawks SOAR to the Super Bowl Once Again

On Sunday afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Green Bay Packers 28-22 in a thrilling overtime victory to advance to the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1.

You may remember that Marie, Arielle, and I did a song for the Seattle Seahawks last year on the eve of their Super Bowl appearance.  Unsurprisingly, this video has picked up some more hits this past week, pushing towards the 200,000 view mark.

We’ll be recording a new song for this year’s Super Bowl run sometime this week.  Get ready…it’s going to be a lot of fun!

In the meantime, enjoy last year’s song called “SOAR”, a parody of Katy Perry’s smash hit “ROAR”.


From YouTube Parody to CenturyLink Field

When we put together the SOAR video 8 months ago, little did we know that it would go semi-viral (as of this writing, it has 167,000 views on YouTube).  It landed us a live performance at the Seattle Seahawks party at the Plaza of Nations on July 4.

And just last week, Marie landed her biggest gig to date:  singing the national anthems at CenturyLink Field in Seattle before the Super Bowl rematch between the champion Seahawks and the visiting Denver Broncos on September 21!

September 21 will mark the Seahawks’ annual “Canada Day” game where they honour their Canadian fans for their support – hence the 2 anthems.  And it’s fitting that Marie will be singing before the Super Bowl rematch…as we made our song specifically for the 2014 Super Bowl.

Needless to say, I’m super proud of Marie and extremely excited for her.  She’s worked really hard over the years honing her craft, and she deserves all the good things coming to her.  And given Ariana Grande’s spectacular performance earlier tonight before the Seahawks’ win over Green Bay, Marie has some big shoes (and vocal pipes) to fill.  But I know she will be just fine.  In fact, I predict that she’ll SOAR!

Read a Vancouver Sun article about Marie.

Soaring Over 125,000 Views on YouTube – The Story of our Seahawks Super Bowl Song

Arielle, Marie, and me
Arielle, Marie, and me

Our Seahawks music video almost never happened.

On Sunday, January 19 I texted Marie and asked her what she thought about doing a Seahawks song for the week leading up to Super Bowl 48 on February 2.  She replied with an emphatic yes.

The idea was born.
The idea was born.


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SOAR – Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Song (Parody of Katy Perry’s “ROAR”)

We’re used to making songs about the Vancouver Canucks but for this week we’ll be focusing on the Seattle Seahawks as they look ahead to Sunday’s Super Bowl where they’ll take on the Denver Broncos.

Once again, I brought together two of the most talented and lovely ladies around to help me:  Marie Hui and Arielle Tuliao.

We touch on Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom, Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin, and of course, the 12th man.

Can’t wait until Sunday:  the Seahawks are gonna SOAR!

Arielle, Marie, and me
Arielle, Marie, and me