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C4 Canucks Podcast: A New Hope

After a two-month hiatus, we’re back with our latest C4 podcast on Canucks Hockey Blog.

Matt Lee and I tee up another Vancouver Canucks season! With the preseason well under way, we spend some time talking about Jake Virtanen and Brendan Gaunce, who they think will make the opening night roster, and everything else we can think of.

Listen to the podcast on Canucks Hockey Blog here.

C4CHB: Canucks Hockey Blog Podcasts

As part of our hockey coverage at Canucks Hockey Blog, my friend Chris (@lyteforce) and I have started a bi-weekly podcast called C4CHB – which stands for Chris and Clay’s Canucks Commentary.  If you count, there are 4 Cs in the title.

Here is the full episode list:

-Douglas Lee is a Beast from September 2
-Call a Plumber, These Pipes Are About to Burst from July 27
-Suns Out, Guns Out
from July 13
-Podcasting from the Smylosphere from June 30

We’re also on iTunes so feel free to stop by and give us a rating, comment, and subscription!