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Home From Rome

Running on what I like to call “papal adrenaline” I got a massive two hours of sleep on Tuesday night before waking up to watch the Canucks game online at 3am Rome time.  The two hours brought my total hours of sleep over three nights in Rome to a whopping total of six hours.  A combo of things led to my lack of sleep namely the desire not to waste any of my trip sleeping, adjusting to the time change, the Canucks playing two out of the three nights, writing these blogs, and knowing I could sleep on the long flight home.

I went up for breakfast at 6:30am as usual and ate the same delicious food for the third straight day:  bacon, eggs, salami, ham, prosciutto, bread, and yogurt.  After breakfast I ran up to get my bags, said goodbye to the most beautiful hotel room I had ever stayed in, and took my spot on the bus to make our way to the airport.  This final ride in Rome was the first time that we did NOT travel in a police-led motorcade but it was a relatively quick ride nonetheless.

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Reflections on Pope Francis’ Mass of Inauguration: Inside and Atop St. Peter’s Square

So blessed to be here

I only got one hour of sleep heading into the day as I was very excited to attend the Mass of Inauguration for Pope Francis; after all that was the whole purpose of this extraordinary trip.  We had breakfast once again in our rooftop restaurant and were very encouraged by sun shining gloriously.  Much of our table discussion was centered on whether or not to bring a jacket and/or umbrella

We met at 8am in hotel lobby and took a group picture with the entire delegation.  It was quite an honour to be in the same picture as the Governor General and his wife, Members of Parliament, a Senator (government official not hockey player), and more.  What made it even more special was the fact they used my camera as the official photographer had already left for St. Peter’s Square.

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