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A Weekend of Epiphanies

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Yesterday was Epiphany Sunday – the feast day that celebrates the manifestation of Christ to the world told via the story of the visit of the Magi.  In everyday language, an epiphany refers to a moment of great or sudden revelation.

My first weekend of 2013 was wonderful – one full of epiphanies.

The first one took place on Friday afternoon at work when the job posting for a new Consultant for Youth Ministry for the OYYAM went online.  I felt a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as we have been praying for and working towards this full-time position for the past six years.  Finally it has become a reality and I’m extremely excited to see our office grow (and admittedly to see who applies).  My epiphany was that our hire could have a huge impact on the shape of youth ministry in our archdiocese for many years to come.  But no pressure!  :p

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Sean’s Blog: How a Lockout Will Make Me a Better Student

With less than a week to go before the September 15 deadline, a lockout seems certain.  As a huge sports fan and Canucks fan, I look forward to the NHL season every year.  Therefore, I will really miss the NHL if there is a shortened season.  But I guess there is a bright side to a lockout:  I’ll be able to get my priorities straight and I will likely become a better student.

Instead of watching the Canucks on TV every second night or so, I can study.  I will be able to improve on my least favourite subjects like Science and Social Studies while maintaining my love for recess, lunch and PE.  Also, I won’t go to as many games with my Dad.  While I realize how lucky I am to go to games, my grades will certainly get better.  I’ll be home more and not taking 4 hour chunks to get to and from the arena.  I’ve actually taken my textbooks to a game before and I studied during the intermission.  I went from screaming to studying, booing to writing, and chanting to reading.

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CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary for February 23 – The Way It Is (Haters Gonna Hate)

With the Vancouver Canucks’ thrilling 4-3 shootout win over the Detroit Red Wings, the Canucks ended Detroit’s impressive 23-game winning streak at home and pulled within a point of Western Conference-leading Red Wings (and with a game in hand).

Despite the Canucks’ great play of late, they were still named as the Most Overrated Team in the recent NHLPA Player Poll conducted by Hockey Night in Canada.

In this Clay’s Canucks Commentary, I look at some of the reasons why the Canucks are deemed to be overrated…and I bring in my buddies Joseph, Oggy, Jason, and Patrick to help me express it in song.

Sorry…our famous foreign exchange student Kevin is not in the video…he is back visiting his parents in Japan.