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Rap About Racism – Inspired by Donald Sterling

Back in grade 11, I wrote a rap about racism as part of a group project for Social Studies.  The year was 1991 and I was a tad slightly more cool than I am now.

23 years later, I was able to bring the rap back because of Donald Sterling and his racist comments.

I updated some lines and invited my family to join on the fun.

Thus, my 250th video on YouTube is certainly the cheesiest.  Enjoy!

#Roadto40: On Steve Nash – Fellow Grad of 1992

Source:  www.smus.ca
Source: www.smus.ca

Today is NBA star Steve Nash’s 40th birthday.  He’s always been my favourite player for many reasons:  we’re the same age, we play the same position (although he’s a bit better at it than I am), and he grew up in Victoria, BC.

We all know of his accomplishments as an NBA player.  He’s a 2-time MVP and 8-time All-Star.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t won an NBA championship (thanks a lot Robert Horry and the Spurs) and he likely never will.

But this blog isn’t about his storied NBA career.

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