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Making a (Mission) Statement

Recently, I’ve been doing work with a few different ministries on the importance of vision and mission.  Both are extremely important:  a vision gives us an idea of where we are going and what success will look like whereas a mission is similar to a road map as to how we may achieve our vision.

During a recent workshop that I facilitated, I had a music ministry do some work on its mission statement.  As part of this process, I also had each of the members craft his or her own mission statement.  It was a very fruitful process as the individuals were able to articulate their strengths, weaknesses and hopes both as individuals and as a group.

I was inspired by the ones that were shared aloud and I encouraged each of them to post it somewhere so they could reflect on it regularly and go back to it when necessary.  As well, I suggested that their mission statements are dynamic – they could change them any time.

I would suggest this process for any ministry (or anyone for that matter) looking to set goals, inspire one another, or keep themselves on track.

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