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Jacinta’s Corner: Name-Dropping with a 3 Year-Old

Jacinta and me
With Jacinta

When I was in Saskatoon last month, I was blessed to spend some time with an adorable and spunky 3 year-old named Jacinta.  She is the daughter of Colm and Sharon…both of whom I’ve known for many years through diocesan youth ministry.

Sharon has put together a great YouTube channel called Deep Thoughts featuring videos of Jacinta.  She has participated in dance-offs, monologues, public service announcements, and even helped announced pregnancies!

I put on my Vancouver Canucks jersey while Jacinta put on her Montreal Canadiens jersey and the game can-you-top-this was on.  Enjoy!


20 Things I Likely Won’t Accomplish This Year…But it Would Be Cool if I Did

Could I end up on tour with Matt Maher?

Yesterday I posted 40 things that I plan to accomplish in the next year ahead of my 40th birthday.  Some will be harder to achieve than others, but I truly believe that there isn’t anything on the list that will be impossible to do.

That’s what today’s list is for.  So, enjoy 20 things that likely won’t happen this year…but it would be cool if they did:

  1. Go on tour (or at least on stage) with Matt Maher.
  2. Join Take 6 as its 7th member forcing them to rename themselves as Take 7.
  3. Join Naturally 7 as its 8th member forcing them to rename themselves Naturally 8.
  4. Sing a note above middle C without screaming (kind of important for #1, #2, and #3 on this list).
  5. Have Gail proclaim: “Wow, you actually are quite handy around the house.” Continue reading 20 Things I Likely Won’t Accomplish This Year…But it Would Be Cool if I Did

Becoming Invisible

“He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease” – John 3:30

My favourite worship leader is Matt Maher.  Among the many reasons why (in no particular order):  he’s a brilliant musician, he’s an intelligent writer and storyteller, he has a profound understanding of church, he’s a lot of fun to be around, he’s Catholic, he’s Canadian, he’s been a long-time friend to both the Archdiocese of Vancouver and to me, and we’re the same age.

Among his many endearing and inspiring qualities is his humility.  He always ensures that the worship is about Him and not him.  I’ve seen him leading 18,000 youth in spirited praise only to quietly walk off the stage without fanfare so as to not interrupt the worship.  Matt doesn’t need the adulation…and when he does receive it he is quick to direct it all to God.

Matt literally and figuratively becomes invisible when he leads worship.  And it’s a beautiful thing.

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The “Band” Behind the Matt Maher Concert

Just 30 hours or so removed from our first-ever Archdiocesan Conference, I’m still in a bit of a daze:  I’m exhausted, optimistic, grateful, encouraged, and proud among many other feelings and emotions.  In particular, I’ve been reflecting on the Matt Maher concert that kicked-off the Conference on Friday night, and the months of planning that went into it.

The concert was 8 months in the making, stemming from a meeting at the OYYAM.  We had just been charged with the responsibility of planning and executing the “Friday night” portion of the Archdiocesan Conference and after a bit of brainstorming about potential events and ideas, our decision was unanimous:  it was time to bring the Grey-Haired Canadian back for an archdiocesan event for the first time since Spirit Day 2009.

I fired a text message off to Matt in July and he was interested from the very beginning.  However, he cautioned me that they had a couple of irons in the fire so-to-speak with respect to other tour dates (that have since come to fruition…including the East Coast USA tour they interrupted to get to Vancouver on Friday).  After numerous emails, phone calls, text messages, negotiating, and anxious moments, we finally signed the contact in October…4 months after our initial contract and just 4 months prior to the Conference!

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