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A Weekend of Epiphanies

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Yesterday was Epiphany Sunday – the feast day that celebrates the manifestation of Christ to the world told via the story of the visit of the Magi.  In everyday language, an epiphany refers to a moment of great or sudden revelation.

My first weekend of 2013 was wonderful – one full of epiphanies.

The first one took place on Friday afternoon at work when the job posting for a new Consultant for Youth Ministry for the OYYAM went online.  I felt a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as we have been praying for and working towards this full-time position for the past six years.  Finally it has become a reality and I’m extremely excited to see our office grow (and admittedly to see who applies).  My epiphany was that our hire could have a huge impact on the shape of youth ministry in our archdiocese for many years to come.  But no pressure!  :p

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Canucks Christmas Carol 2012: This Christmas

For this special edition of Clay’s Canucks Commentary, I pull a few friends together for the 3rd annual Canucks Christmas Carol.

Once again I am joined by my friends Joe, Oggy, Jason, Pat and the foreign exchange student Kevin.  Kevin came all the way from overseas to watch some hockey but he gets something else instead.

Last year we put together the Bieber-inspired “Under the Minne(so)” and in 2011 we did the “12 Days of Christmas”.

For this year, we do our version of the classic “This Christmas”.  Merry Christmas!

Stepping Up to End the Lockout for Young Fathers

Amidst all of the tiresome back-and-forth rhetoric between Bettman and Fehr and the NHL and NHLPA, once in a while a story will jump out that’s good.  That’s positive. That deserves some publicity.

Enter Jeff Golby, an Operations Director at Chimp Foundation.  I met Jeff last month at We Day at Rogers Arena.  Jeff is helping to raise funds for Stepping Up, an initiative of Youth Unlimited.  Stepping Up reaches out to the young and often neglected young dads in the community, believing that advocating, supporting and equipping young fathers is vital to this and the next generations’ health.  Stepping Up works to meet dads where they are at, gives them practical skills that can sustain them, listens to their stories and offers support and care for them.

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