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When Routine is a Good Thing

At my recent stay with my family at the Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark in Grand Mound, WA, I was quite fascinated by the lifeguards. They were extremely disciplined in their approach, almost robotic. They would scan the giant wave pool width-wise then length-wise, shooting their eyes across the pool and then down alongside the near wall. Often, they would use their hand to point at what they were looking at and their necks were always moving from side to side.

Admittedly, I was slightly amused at the first lifeguard I observed. Her movement seemed unnatural and forced. In chatting with a few of the lifeguards throughout my three days there (and watching the Great Wolf Lodge episode of Undercover Boss…haha) I gained a greater appreciation for their disciplined routine and of course, their important role overall.

Much like lifeguards, we youth ministers are in the business of saving lives as well. While we may not have to jump into a pool or ocean (although it’s very possible), we’ll certainly be called on to help a young person who is drowning spiritually.

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