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Fussin’ With a Concussion

“Where’s my family?  WHERE’S MY FAMILY?!?”

These are the first words I remember uttering – make that screaming – after “waking up”.  Thankfully, my good friend Mike was there to calmly reply, “Clay, they are in the Philippines.” Apparently, he had to repeat himself about 15 times; once for every time I asked the question.

About 10 minutes earlier, I hit my head on the concrete floor while playing in a roller hockey playoff game.  I remember skating hard towards the opposing player before falling with him on top of me.  My head crashed against the ground and I groggily skated to the bench.  Appropriately, the name of the other team was the Goon Squad.

According to Mike and my other teammates, I sat at the end of the bench “out of it” for about 10 minutes or so. I was babbling coherently and incoherently, alternating between being able to name the guys on our team to not knowing what day of the week it was.

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CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary for January 15, 2012: Welcome Back David Booth

As the Vancouver Canucks kick-off a 6-game home-stand, they welcome forward David Booth back to the line-up after he missed 6 weeks with a knee injury.

Booth gives the Canucks more scoring depth, more flexibility, and reunites the American Express line (Booth, Higgins and Kesler).

Booth has quickly become my favourite player, and I can’t wait to see what he brings with his return.