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Traits of an Imoo Kid

This afternoon, Gail brought the kids downtown with her after school.  After picking me up from work, we then dropped Gail off at her hair appointment before parking the van in my work parking lot.

We walked to a nearby sushi restaurant for a quick bite.  In between bites of our salmon rolls and sips of our miso soups, we got talking about the differences between Sean, Jacob, and Kayla.  The answers ranged from the serious to the hilarious, the rational to the ludicrous.  Among them: Sean is the athletic one, Jacob is the creative one, and Kayla is the sweet (and stubborn one).

After a few laughs, I said something to the effect of: “Okay, that’s how you are different.  Now, how are you the same? What are the traits of an Imoo kid?”

Jake immediately replied: “We’re good-looking.  And smart too.”

I noticed he didn’t answer with “humble”.

Get Over Yourself

Tonight I will be going to watch our Vancouver Whitecaps host the LA Galaxy at BC Place in some MLS (Major League Soccer) action.  There has been a considerable buzz around the city for the last couple of days because of one player: David Beckham.

One may argue that Beckham’s best soccer days are behind him (being left off the British Olympic Soccer Team is a clear indication) but his appeal is undeniable: along with Tiger Woods he is arguably the world’s most renown athlete.  And despite the Galaxy also having all-stars Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane on its roster, the Galaxy goes as Beckham goes.

So it’s not surprising that almost all of the media focus has been on Beckham – it’s even triggered a debate as to whether or not they should open up more seats for the game that’s officially sold out.  It got me thinking about what it would be like to be one of the other Galaxy players; to have the media circus follow the team wherever you went.  Would I enjoy it? Would I be resentful or jealous?  Would I accept it as part of the job?

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