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Clay’s Corner Episode #5: Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there!

In my new Clay’s Corner, I pay tribute to my late father Larry, who passed away on October 11, 2004 at the age of 63. I share the story of his passing, along with many of my favourite memories of him.

I’m thankful that Dad taught me so many things, especially how to be a man and how to raise my children.

Head of the Class

Last week, Gail and I received a letter in the mail from Hugh Boyd Secondary School inviting us to the year-end awards ceremony at the school. Gail and I immediately re-arranged our schedules so that we could attend.

Then, this past Monday, I received an email from Boyd stating that Sean’s award would be a “major” one and thus we were encouraged to attend.  Needless to say, we got very excited and proceeded to spend the next couple of days speculating as to what award(s) he might win for his grade 8 year.

Top: Top Academic Student award, Bottom: Top Athlete award
Top: Top Academic Student award, Bottom: Top Athlete award

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Make Some Noise BC Lions Fans…When We’re on Defence!

As we look ahead to today’s CFL Western Final between the Calgary Stampeders and BC Lions, I have a friendly reminder to all BC Lions fans as to how we can make a huge impact on the game:

Be LOUD when the Lions are on defence, and be QUIET when the Lions are on offence.

Thus, when Calgary has the ball, you should cheer, scream, boo, dance, do the wave…whatever it takes to throw the Stamps off their game.  But when the Lions have the ball, help them out by keeping it down.

Go Lions Go!  It’s time to Defend Our Cup.

1st BC Lions Touchdown at the new BC Place (Just as I Predicted)

Witness the first-ever BC Lions touchdown at the new and improved BC Place (a 22 yard pass from Travis Lulay to Andrew Harris) just seconds after I predict it to happen. It was part of a spectacular 33-24 BC Lions victory over the Edmonton Eskimos on September 30, 2011.

And no…I didn’t record every single offensive play for the BC Lions until I was correct…this was this only play I filmed the entire game!

See the entire unedited cut from my prediction all the way through to the extra point.