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My #Roadto40: Three Months Down, Two Months to Go

I lift some of these...mostly the lighter ones
I lift some of these…mostly the lighter ones

Last month, I was named Precision Athletics’ Client of the Month for March.  I have 2 distinct theories on how this happened:

a)     They were impressed with my results since I started attending the small group training sessions back in January

b)     They had exhausted virtually their entire client base and fell to me on their list of people to profile

In all seriousness, I was flattered that they asked me and I happily filled out the small Q & A for their newsletter (I’ve included it below).

As I write this, I’m exactly 2 months away from my 40th birthday on June 22.  I’ve increased my workouts from 3 days a week to 5 days a week.  Now, in addition to my 360 Degree Abs small group training sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, I’m attending a “Core Circuit” class over the Tuesday lunch hour and a Boot Camp over the Thursday lunch hour.  I’ve learned so much from these two additional days…mostly that I still have a lot of work to do!  I’ll save some of those stories for my next blog though.

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My #Roadto40: I Found an Ab (Results After One Month)

This thing hurts
This thing hurts

This past Monday marked the one-month mark of my exercise and fitness regimen on my #Roadto40.  So, much like she did on January 22 of this year, Katie of Precision Athletics took my measurements with the help of some cold and sharp calipers.  The measurements only took a couple of minutes:  she would name a body part, hook up the calipers to pinch said body part, I would grimace and hold back my tears, she would remove the calipers, and I would pretend it didn’t hurt.

The final results showed some decent progress:  in one month I lost 11 pounds, shed 4 inches off of my waist, and reduced my body fat by over 4%.

I knew that I had lost some weight over the month as my watch and wedding started to slide a bit and I moved to the next notch on my belt buckle.  My double chin is less pronounced (it’s more like a 1.5 chin now) and both my face and waist are a tad slimmer.

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My #Roadto40: Trauma on the Treadmill

My nemesis turned friend
My nemesis turned friend

My first small group training session for the 360 Degree Abs program got off to an auspicious start.  I walked into Precision Athletics at exactly 7:27am – 3 minutes before my half an hour class was scheduled to begin.

“Good morning, I’m Clay”, I blurted out to the trainer.

“Nice to meet you, Clay”, Amy answered.  “Have you warmed up yet?”

“Sort of…I ran over here from my office.”  I failed to tell her that my office was only half a block away.

“Go get on the treadmill for a few minutes.”

I walked confidently over to the treadmill ready to show it that there was a new sheriff in town.  Apparently the sheriff didn’t know how to read because I didn’t even know how to turn it on.  It basically looked like a computer with a conveyor belt and handles attached to it.  By the time I figured it out, I only got on for about a minute before being called back. Continue reading My #Roadto40: Trauma on the Treadmill

My #Roadto40 Starts Now

It’s time to get in shape.

As I type up this blog, I’m savouring every single sip of my Pepsi.  That’s because I will starting an exercise regimen and nutrition challenge as I commit to becoming healthier.

Believe it or not, I used to be in good shape.  I participated in many sports in high school and university, and was likely at my peak physical condition when I was 21 years old; I even had a 6-pack stomach haha.  When Gail and I got married in 2000, I was a svelte 140 pounds and a size 28 waist.  As I got older, my metabolism began to slow down and I started to gain weight slowly yet steadily.

I weighed 140 pounds in July 2000.
I weighed 140 pounds in July 2000.

After Dad died in 2004, I went to see my family doctor for a check-up.  He told me that my blood, heart, and cholesterol were all fine but that he wanted me to lose 10 – 15 pounds.  Well that was 9 years ago and since then I’ve gained weight instead of losing it.

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40 Things I Will Accomplish Before my 40th Birthday

Celebrating my 39th birthday at The Keg

As I enter my 40th year, there are many areas of my life that I would like to improve including my spirituality, my health, my work, my relationships, and my important roles as husband and father.  Thus, here are 40 things I will accomplish this year before my 40th birthday:

  1. Go to bed earlier.
  2. Get up earlier.
  3. Be less lazy.
  4. Pray more as a family.
  5. Get Archbishop Michael to laugh at one of my jokes because it’s funny and not out of sympathy.
  6. Be as much parent as I am playmate to my children.
  7. Help Sean discern which high school he will go to for grade 8.
  8. Spend more intentional one-on-one time with Jacob.
  9. Spend more intentional one-on-one time with Kayla.
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