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Taking Ownership: Lessons from a 9 Year-Old and Club Penguin

Jake teaching Karen about Club Penguin

Last month, we had our good friend Karen over just a couple of weeks before she moved to Kelowna to begin employment with Disney Interactive.  When Karen told me that she would be working on the popular game Club Penguin, I told her that Jacob plays that game all the time.  Within a matter of minutes, we had set up a date for Karen to come over to our place to eat and then play.

Needless to say, Jacob was very excited for the opportunity to teach someone – and an adult at that – everything he knew about Club Penguin.  He counted down the days to Karen’s visit and he could barely contain his excitement when the day finally arrived.  After a delicious dinner (prepared by Gail of course), Jacob showed Karen the ins and outs of the game for the better part of two hours.  It was a great visual: Jake the eager 9 year-old as teacher and Karen the willing grown-up as obedient student.

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Arielle Singing “Part of Your World” From The Little Mermaid (with Kayla Dancing)

I was introduced to the lovely and talented Arielle Tuliao last month and since then I’ve had the pleasure of playing the piano for a few of her videos for YouTube.  Our first project was A Whole New World that even had its own blooper reel!

Arielle received such good feedback for that video that she committed to doing a couple more Disney songs.  The next one is “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.  Check it out…it includes Kayla dancing along to the entire song!