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Patriotism Gone Wrong: Top 10 Reasons Why Detroit Fans Were Chanting “USA! USA!”

In a strange scene from Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena yesterday afternoon, the Red Wings fans began to chant “USA! USA!” during the last 30 seconds of their team’s 8 – 3 defeat of the Vancouver Canucks.

For better or for worse, I know that this has happened in other hockey arenas before.

And while there’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of patriotism from time to time, there is indeed a time and place for such showings.

I’m not convinced that Red Wings fans picked the right place nor right time given that only 5 of the 20 players dressed for Detroit were born in the USA.

Thus, after much thought, research, and coin-flipping, I have come up with the Top 10 Reasons Why the Detroit Fans Were Chanting “USA! USA!”:

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CCC – Clay’s Canucks Commentary for February 23 – The Way It Is (Haters Gonna Hate)

With the Vancouver Canucks’ thrilling 4-3 shootout win over the Detroit Red Wings, the Canucks ended Detroit’s impressive 23-game winning streak at home and pulled within a point of Western Conference-leading Red Wings (and with a game in hand).

Despite the Canucks’ great play of late, they were still named as the Most Overrated Team in the recent NHLPA Player Poll conducted by Hockey Night in Canada.

In this Clay’s Canucks Commentary, I look at some of the reasons why the Canucks are deemed to be overrated…and I bring in my buddies Joseph, Oggy, Jason, and Patrick to help me express it in song.

Sorry…our famous foreign exchange student Kevin is not in the video…he is back visiting his parents in Japan.