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Clay’s Corner Episode #5: Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there!

In my new Clay’s Corner, I pay tribute to my late father Larry, who passed away on October 11, 2004 at the age of 63. I share the story of his passing, along with many of my favourite memories of him.

I’m thankful that Dad taught me so many things, especially how to be a man and how to raise my children.

10 Years Ago Today I Lost My Dad

My dad passed away 10 years ago today.

I’ve detailed the events of October 11, 2004 in a previous blog:  how we had just returned from the pumpkin patch in anticipation of Halloween. How I was preparing to meet Mom and Dad at my in-laws for Thanksgiving Dinner. How the doorbell rang and how surprised I was to see Father Smith at my door. How he sat me down and how I innocently thought that he was going to confess something to me! How loving, caring, and respectful he was as he shared the horrific news. How I sat in total shock, not believing what I had just heard. How I broke down in passing the news on to my brother over the phone. And how heartbroken I was to find my mom weeping in her living room…the cops had beaten me to the house by a mere two minutes.

I have mixed emotions as I sit down to write this.  Of course I am sad.  I miss him so much.  I’ve told the story of his death to a few people this week.  While the story gets easier to tell as the years go by, the hurt is still there.

My dad was an avid Canucks fan, and thus I think of him every time I watch a game, write a Canucks blog, or do a silly Canucks song.  I wish that he got a chance to meet Kayla.  He would have loved her (and vice-versa).  And he only knew Jacob for a year.

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Knowing Your Father

Father’s Day is always a bittersweet day for me, and this past one was no exception.  While I celebrate the blessing of my three kids, I also spend some time reflecting on my late father Larry who passed away on October 11, 2004 when he suffered a heart attack on the 17th fairway at Burnaby Mountain Golf Course.  Not a bad way to go out all things considered…at least he was doing something he loved! :p

It goes without saying that I love Dad very much and I miss him dearly.  Every day, I feel his imprint on me whether it’s how I parent, how I don’t take myself too seriously, or how I think I’m a decent athlete.

In a conversation I had with my dear friend Megan over dinner last night, I lamented that I wish that my daughter Kayla, born in December 2007, had a chance to meet my Dad.  As she is the first Imoo girl in 75 years, there’s no doubt that he would have doted over her and likely spoiled her.  My son Jacob, born in September 2003, was barely a year-old when Dad died so at least they got to spend some time together.  And my eldest Sean, born August 2001, was the lucky one as he spent quality time with Dad playing golf, hockey, and basketball among others.

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