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My #Roadto40: I Found an Ab (Results After One Month)

This thing hurts
This thing hurts

This past Monday marked the one-month mark of my exercise and fitness regimen on my #Roadto40.  So, much like she did on January 22 of this year, Katie of Precision Athletics took my measurements with the help of some cold and sharp calipers.  The measurements only took a couple of minutes:  she would name a body part, hook up the calipers to pinch said body part, I would grimace and hold back my tears, she would remove the calipers, and I would pretend it didn’t hurt.

The final results showed some decent progress:  in one month I lost 11 pounds, shed 4 inches off of my waist, and reduced my body fat by over 4%.

I knew that I had lost some weight over the month as my watch and wedding started to slide a bit and I moved to the next notch on my belt buckle.  My double chin is less pronounced (it’s more like a 1.5 chin now) and both my face and waist are a tad slimmer.

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My #Roadto40: Trauma on the Treadmill

My nemesis turned friend
My nemesis turned friend

My first small group training session for the 360 Degree Abs program got off to an auspicious start.  I walked into Precision Athletics at exactly 7:27am – 3 minutes before my half an hour class was scheduled to begin.

“Good morning, I’m Clay”, I blurted out to the trainer.

“Nice to meet you, Clay”, Amy answered.  “Have you warmed up yet?”

“Sort of…I ran over here from my office.”  I failed to tell her that my office was only half a block away.

“Go get on the treadmill for a few minutes.”

I walked confidently over to the treadmill ready to show it that there was a new sheriff in town.  Apparently the sheriff didn’t know how to read because I didn’t even know how to turn it on.  It basically looked like a computer with a conveyor belt and handles attached to it.  By the time I figured it out, I only got on for about a minute before being called back. Continue reading My #Roadto40: Trauma on the Treadmill

My #Roadto40 Starts Now

It’s time to get in shape.

As I type up this blog, I’m savouring every single sip of my Pepsi.  That’s because I will starting an exercise regimen and nutrition challenge as I commit to becoming healthier.

Believe it or not, I used to be in good shape.  I participated in many sports in high school and university, and was likely at my peak physical condition when I was 21 years old; I even had a 6-pack stomach haha.  When Gail and I got married in 2000, I was a svelte 140 pounds and a size 28 waist.  As I got older, my metabolism began to slow down and I started to gain weight slowly yet steadily.

I weighed 140 pounds in July 2000.
I weighed 140 pounds in July 2000.

After Dad died in 2004, I went to see my family doctor for a check-up.  He told me that my blood, heart, and cholesterol were all fine but that he wanted me to lose 10 – 15 pounds.  Well that was 9 years ago and since then I’ve gained weight instead of losing it.

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