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#ClayinKrakow Day 6: The Journey Home…and Now What?

Day 6 of my #ClayinKrakow trip was pretty darn long…considering it lasted 34 hours. ¬†With our 4am departure time from the hotel, I decided that I wasn’t going to fall asleep (and risk not waking up); rather I would have plenty of time to sleep on the plane.

So I took my time and packed, talked to my family, talked to some friends, re-packed, wrote my Day 5 post, watched a bit of TV, showered, and re-packed once again.

Cognizant of the 50 pound limit for my suitcase, I was anxious to see how heavy it actually was. ¬†Leaving Vancouver, my suitcase only weighed around 35 pounds as I knew I’d need to leave room for souvenirs, gifts, and a bunch of World Youth Day merch.

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