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My Dance Off with Jacinta

Enough talking...let's get dancing
Enough talking…let’s get dancing

Last month I posted a fun video with adorable Jacinta, the 3 year-old daughter of Colm and Sharon.  I was a guest on her YouTube channel called Deep Thoughts.

Well, Jacinta and I have combined forces once again, but not for interview.  This time, it’s a dance off.

You’ll see very quickly why I don’t dance in public.  The only reason why I got invited out to clubs back in the day was so I could reserve a table and watch everyone’s jackets and purses.

Jacinta’s Corner: Name-Dropping with a 3 Year-Old

Jacinta and me
With Jacinta

When I was in Saskatoon last month, I was blessed to spend some time with an adorable and spunky 3 year-old named Jacinta.  She is the daughter of Colm and Sharon…both of whom I’ve known for many years through diocesan youth ministry.

Sharon has put together a great YouTube channel called Deep Thoughts featuring videos of Jacinta.  She has participated in dance-offs, monologues, public service announcements, and even helped announced pregnancies!

I put on my Vancouver Canucks jersey while Jacinta put on her Montreal Canadiens jersey and the game can-you-top-this was on.  Enjoy!