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Maintaining Youth Ministry Volunteers with a Little TLC

Today I was blessed to be a part of a panel for “Blueprints” – an innovative online youth ministry training session spearheaded by Tony Vasinda.  The topic was volunteer management: recruiting, training, and sustaining volunteers.  You can watch the entire hour-long session here.

As part of the training, I put together a 7-minute clip on ways to keep our youth ministry volunteers.  I also touch on the reasons why volunteers leave youth ministry, and I introduce the TLC theory.

Hopefully you’ll be able to use both videos to strengthen your youth ministry!


Gimme a Break!

When it comes to our youth ministry leaders, it’s a common tendency to fall into the mindset of “keeping them at all costs”.  We fear losing them forever and we sometimes fail to see that it might be worth suffering some short-term pain for some long-term gain.

There are many reasons why leaders leave ministry, including (but not limited to) burnout, lack of support/guidance, lack of training, lack of opportunities for growth, conflicts within the team/ministry, change of heart/desire, feelings of inadequacy or insignificance, changes in life/family/job, moral failures and not feeling appreciated/affirmed.

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