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Being a Good Sport: Recalling my Favourite Downtown Sports Memories

This post is part of my “Farewell, Downtown Vancouver” blog series in which I’ll be writing short reflections on certain aspects of my time downtown.

The location of my office and workplace – 150 Robson Street – was ideal for a sports fanatic like myself. Our offices at the corner of Robson and Cambie put me next door to BC Place and just two blocks away from Rogers Arena.

Thus, a big part of what I’m going to miss about downtown is the sporting scene.

The 2010 Winter Olympics

My favourite downtown sporting memory was actually a “one-off” so to speak – that is the 2010 Winter Olympics. For 17 days straight, I was blessed to be in the middle of the patriotism, hoopla, and jubilation. Our Pastoral Centre played host as an “Catholic Hospitality Centre” as we invited people from all across the world to come in and stay awhile. Visitors could enjoy a cup of coffee, surf the internet, write a prayer on our prayer wall, watch some of the events on big-screen televisions, or learn a bit more about the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

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The Sights of Downtown Vancouver

This post is part of my “Farewell, Downtown Vancouver” blog series in which I’ll be writing short reflections on certain aspects of my time downtown.

Downtown Vancouver is so beautiful and picturesque because of its many different sights (and sites).

Near my workplace at Robson and Cambie, we’re right next to the remodeled BC Place Stadium. Walk a few blocks south and you’re in trendy Yaletown; walk a few blocks north and you’re in historic Gastown.

BC Place
BC Place

Head down Robson from my building and you’ll pass the Public Library before hitting Granville Street (which actually looks better at night than during the day). Go a couple of more blocks and you’ll find yourself in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Traverse a bit more past Burrard and you’re right in the middle of the Robson shopping district.

Turn right and you’ll get to the beautiful Vancouver Convention Centre and Jack Poole Plaza. Or keep going down Robson and eventually you’ll hit English Bay. Or head east on Georgia and you’ll make your way to scenic Stanley Park with Coal Harbour on your right side.

English Bay
English Bay

Along the way, you’re bound to pass a plethora of fancy hotels, expensive restaurants, casual eateries, clubs, and shopping centres.   And of course, there’s beautiful Holy Rosary Cathedral at the corner of Dunsmuir and Richards.

But the one sight I’m going to miss the most is actually one I see BEFORE I get downtown. It’s the view I see as I head north on Cambie as soon as I begin my descent after crossing West 12th Avenue.

My favourite view
My favourite view

On a clear day the view is breath taking. You see the tall office buildings along with BC Place and the Harbour Centre tower. Rising above the buildings are the North Shore mountains. And if the time is right, the mountains will have snow on them.

An older picture...but check out the snow-capped mountains
An older picture…but check out the snow-capped mountains

Even when it’s not a clear day, it’s still a good view…especially when the mountains emerge through the low-lying fog.

When bringing visitors downtown via Cambie, they always react favourably to what they see – either with a gasp, a smile, or they whip out their cell phone to take a picture. And they keep taking pictures as we drive over the Cambie Street Bridge with the great view of False Creek on the right.

While our new area won’t be as scenic, I look forward to exploring a little bit to discover new favourite sights.

But I anticipate making the quick 10 minute trip downtown a number of times in the upcoming months to visit.

After all, it’s been like my second home for the past 22 years.

What are your favourite downtown Vancouver sights?

Make Some Noise BC Lions Fans…When We’re on Defence!

As we look ahead to today’s CFL Western Final between the Calgary Stampeders and BC Lions, I have a friendly reminder to all BC Lions fans as to how we can make a huge impact on the game:

Be LOUD when the Lions are on defence, and be QUIET when the Lions are on offence.

Thus, when Calgary has the ball, you should cheer, scream, boo, dance, do the wave…whatever it takes to throw the Stamps off their game.  But when the Lions have the ball, help them out by keeping it down.

Go Lions Go!  It’s time to Defend Our Cup.