#Roadto40: On Steve Nash – Fellow Grad of 1992

Source:  www.smus.ca
Source: www.smus.ca

Today is NBA star Steve Nash’s 40th birthday.  He’s always been my favourite player for many reasons:  we’re the same age, we play the same position (although he’s a bit better at it than I am), and he grew up in Victoria, BC.

We all know of his accomplishments as an NBA player.  He’s a 2-time MVP and 8-time All-Star.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t won an NBA championship (thanks a lot Robert Horry and the Spurs) and he likely never will.

But this blog isn’t about his storied NBA career.

Instead, I want to take you back to a winter day in early 1992.  Steve Nash and his St. Michaels University teammates came to play at Richmond High to take on the Colts.  Richmond’s team was decent that year, albeit not as strong as the previous year’s team that won the provincial championship.

The gym was bursting with excitement and anticipation as the perennial powerhouse Colts hosted the number one ranked team in the province led by their vaunted point guard.

As soon as the game started, we knew that we were witnessing something special.  Nash sliced through the Colts’ defense at will, almost every touch resulting in a jump shot, lay up, or perfect dish.  The Colts were game but simply had no answer for Nash.

It was like watching a man vs boys…he was that good.  By halftime, the visitors were up by 30 points or so, and thus Nash didn’t play the entire second half.

I followed Nash’s career closely through Santa Clara University and was thrilled when he was selected 15th overall in the 1996 NBA draft by the Phoenix Suns.  I’ve tracked him through stops in Dallas, back to Phoenix, and now LA.

As he gets older, his injuries become more abundant and more difficult to recover from.  At 40 years old, Nash is the oldest player in the league.

He’s a step slower and certainly not as durable.

But he still an inspiration to me on my #Roadto40.


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