My #Roadto40: Three Months Down, Two Months to Go

I lift some of these...mostly the lighter ones
I lift some of these…mostly the lighter ones

Last month, I was named Precision Athletics’ Client of the Month for March.  I have 2 distinct theories on how this happened:

a)     They were impressed with my results since I started attending the small group training sessions back in January

b)     They had exhausted virtually their entire client base and fell to me on their list of people to profile

In all seriousness, I was flattered that they asked me and I happily filled out the small Q & A for their newsletter (I’ve included it below).

As I write this, I’m exactly 2 months away from my 40th birthday on June 22.  I’ve increased my workouts from 3 days a week to 5 days a week.  Now, in addition to my 360 Degree Abs small group training sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, I’m attending a “Core Circuit” class over the Tuesday lunch hour and a Boot Camp over the Thursday lunch hour.  I’ve learned so much from these two additional days…mostly that I still have a lot of work to do!  I’ll save some of those stories for my next blog though.

With respect to the three main parts of my fitness regimen, I’m doing well with the exercise, I’m doing decently with the diet, and I’m not doing so hot with getting the proper amount of sleep every night.  That’s something I’m definitely going to need to focus on in the next few weeks.  Old habits are hard to break I guess.

Here’s the feature from the Precision Athletics newsletter for March.  At that time, I had lost 11 pounds, shed 4 inches off of my waist, and reduced my body fat by over 4%. Since then, I’ve probably gained 2 of 3 of those pounds back…but for now I’m going to say that it’s muscle haha.


What is your favourite part about Small Group Training sessions? 

My favourite part about the personal training is knowing that every single exercise is contributing to the “bigger picture” of getting healthier.  I also enjoy interacting with the trainers and getting to know them better…that is when they aren’t laughing at me. :p

What keeps you motivated to come to your sessions?

Commitment.  Both my commitment to getting healthier and the trainers’ commitment to helping me.  The early mornings have been good for me as I get to my office (just around the corner) a lot earlier than I used to.  It’s also forced me to go to bed a lot earlier.

What are your current fitness goals? How has Precision Athletics helped you toward reaching these goals? 

My goal is to be healthier overall, especially as I look ahead to my 40th birthday this June.  I want to continue to be present to my family, both physically and mentally.  Precision Athletics has helped me immensely.  I have more energy and I feel more alert.  I don’t snack throughout the day or late at night, and my appetite has shrunk just a bit.  My attitude towards certain foods has changed as well.  It’s strange – but gratifying – to walk out of Safeway with a bag full of fruits and vegetables instead of chips, cookies, and pop.  It sounds like hyperbole but it’s true:  Precision Athletics has changed my life.

Tell us what is your favourite exercise and why! 

I like doing the Hollow Rock and the reverse Hollow Rock.  While they may look strange to an observer, I can feel my abs burning every time I do them.  As well, I like that I can feel the momentum stemming from the exercise.

Now, what is your least favourite exercise to see written up on that white board? 

The alternating knee lifts while hanging from the bar.  I don’t have the best grip, so slippage makes the exercise harder.  I tried using chalk last time and that seemed to help.  Also made me feel more pro haha.

How do you transfer what you do/learn in your sessions into your lifestyle? 

I’ve been asking my trainers a lot of questions about nutrition and diet.  I’m reading more labels now and paying more attention to how certain foods make me feel.  Our kids are eating healthier and we have less junk food and pop in the house now.

What major accomplishments or break-throughs have you had recently? 

I see the semblance of an ab now.  I’ve moved on to the next hole in my belt.  And my wife Gail is thrilled that she can wrap her arms around me and actually have her fingertips touch on the other side.

Before: August 2013.  After: March 2014.
Before: August 2013. After: March 2014.