U Evangelize: Living Authentically Online and Off

Back in June 2016, I hosted my good friend Josh Canning for an episode of Clay’s Corner.  Now it’s time for Josh to interview me, this time for U Evangelize.

In this six-minute excerpt (from our full 26-minute interview on U Evangelize, we talk about how to live authentically both online and offline. In particular, I talk about how I leverage my Canucks platform to witness to Christ.

Canucks Mid-Season Report Card (Clay’s Canucks Commentary)

Mid-way through the season, the Vancouver Canucks find themselves in the thick of the battle for a playoff wildcard spot.

In this episode of Clay’s Canucks Commentary, I hand out letter grades to all of the Canucks players and the head coach; they range from A to C-.

Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music

New Year, Repeat Initiative

Two years ago, I came up with the #dailyaffirmation initiative, in which I affirmed a different individual, couple, or family every day.  In posting these daily affirmations on Facebook, I let people know how much I (and others) appreciated them.

I started the daily affirmations because I felt that people – in general –  didn’t do a good enough job of affirming people whether it be in family or spousal relationships, friendships, workplaces, or ministry.

Two years later, it’s still much of the same.  Often, it’s easier to find faults in others and judge others than it is to say something nice about them.

Thus, I’m doing it again.

The experience two years was extremely positive and I hope it will be similar this time around.  As with last time, there will be no particular rhyme or reason to the order of the affirmations.  They won’t necessarily be to family members or my closest friends; in fact I have the opportunity to affirm some people who I’m not particularly close to.

Well, except with one worthy exception.  If I had affirmed anyone else but my lovely wife Gail with the first one, I might not have lived to see January 2 for the second one.

Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas from the Imoo Family: Our Year in Pictures

2016 was a wonderful year for our family; it was a year full of blessings, opportunities, and growth.

As we look ahead to Christmas, enjoy this pictorial review of our year. Be patient as the slideshow loads – we were too cheap to buy the ad-free version haha.

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Clay’s Corner Episode #13: First Impressions (27 Years Later)

Gail and I started dating 27 years ago today (on December 14, 1989) while we both students at JN Burnett Jr. Secondary School.

In this episode, we talk about our first impressions of each other. As well, see what one of us says to cause us to break out into uncontrollable laughter.

It took me about an hour to convince Gail to appear in this video with me; I’m certainly glad she did!

Music: http://www.bensound.com/

Husband, Father, Youth Minister, Speaker: Lover of God, Family and the Canucks

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