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Revisiting the 2010 Winter Olympics: My 5 Favourite Video Blogs

Today (February 12) marks the 5th anniversary of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler.  It was a magical 17 days filled with dramatic sporting moments and special encounters.

I did a daily video blog to chronicle my experience and it had a bit of everything.  The footage ranged from events to medal ceremonies to scenes from our Catholic Hospitality Centre.  My 23 videos have a total of just under 50,000 views.

Here are 5 of my favourite videos:

1. February 17:  Learning the Lyrics to “I Believe” (Winter Olympics Theme Song)

On Ash Wednesday, I took a detailed look at the Winter Olympics theme song “I Believe” by Nikki Yanofsky.

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Canucks, Olympics, Kids, and Youth Ministry: A Breakdown of 200 YouTube Videos

Early this morning (or late last night…depending on your perspective) I posted a video of Sean singing Taio Cruz’ hit song “Dynamite” on YouTube. Check it out if you haven’t already…thank God he doesn’t take after me when it comes to singing talent.

A number to the left of the screen caught my eye; it turns out that Sean’s “Dynamite” video is the 200th video I’ve posted on my clayimoo YouTube account. I began reflecting on just how large of a number that is, especially when you consider the time it takes to film, edit, and then post just one video. By reaching 200 videos, I’ve proven that either I really enjoy making videos or I have no life. Probably a combo of both.

My first YouTube video was from back on July 4, 2006: it was Sean and Jake’s stirring rendition of O Canada…a video that has been viewed just under 2,500 times. Since then, I’ve amassed 177 subscribers, 19 friends, 11,500 profile views, and over 310,000 hits.

Of the 200 videos, 49 (24.5%) of them belong to the CCC series called Clay’s Canucks Commentary. I started doing the CCCs back in April 2010 on the heels of the popular Olympic Video Blog series I did for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Speaking of the Olympic Video Blogs, I made 24 (12%) of those videos. Coming in at a close third with 22 videos (11%) are my youth ministry and work-related videos. This number would have been a tad higher if I included my personal contributions to both the oyyamvancouver and ymovancouver accounts.

The rest of the video totals break down like this:
• 17 videos (8.5%) about Jacob
• 13 videos (6.5%) about our family vacations
• 11 videos (5.5%) that feature at least 2 of our 3 kids relatively equally
• 11 videos (5.5%) that feature live musical performances
• 10 videos (5%) about Sean
• 9 videos (4.5%) about sports or featuring live sports footage
• 9 videos (4.5%) featuring me doing something funny, silly or embarrassing (hello MuchMusic)
• 8 videos (4%) about Kayla
• 8 videos (4%) of me speaking at a conference, rally, workshop, or wedding reception
• 5 videos (2.5%) that were Imoo Boys Game Reviews…weren’t these supposed to be weekly?
• 4 videos (2%) featuring family and/or friends

A few observations about the breakdown:
• Combining the CCCs, Olympic videos, and other sports videos results in 82 videos (41%).
• The kids are featured in 51 videos (25.5%).
• I’ve posted 17 videos (8.5%) about myself and that doesn’t include the CCCs or Olympic videos…insert snarky (yet probably true) comment here.
• Despite being the middle child, there are essentially the same number of videos featuring Jacob (17 videos) as Sean and Kayla videos combined (18 videos). Jake’s a pretty entertaining kid.

With respect to date, I posted:
• 7 videos (3.5%) in 2006
• 27 videos (13.5%) in 2007
• 20 videos (10%) in 2008
• 18 videos (9%) in 2009
• 79 videos (39.5%) in 2010…thanks to CCCs and Olympic Video Blogs
• 51 videos (24.5%) in 2011…extrapolated to 68 videos by the end of the year

And here are my Top 10 Videos by view total:

1. The Ultimate Canucks Haiku (posted March 11, 2007): 29,500 views. Our entry into the first-ever Canucks web contest garnered us some publicity and winner of the Ultimate Canucks Family.
2. John Angotti Singing “I Can Only Imagine” (posted February 20, 2008): 17,000 views. Catholic recording artist and songwriter doing a moving rendition of Mercy Me’s mega-hit.
3. YMO Spirit Day 2007: Live Out Loud “Everything by Lifehouse” (posted December 9, 2007): 14,800 views. Footage of the first-time our office presented this emotional skit.
4. Dave and Kathy’s Wedding Reception Entrance (posted April 23, 2007): 10.800 views. One of the most creative wedding reception entrances I’ve been a part of…let alone heard of.
5. Matt Maher Singing “Alive Again” at NCYC 2009 in Kansas City (posted November 24, 2009): 8,900 views. Matt had the Sprint Center rocking with this powerful anthem about waking up for the Gospel.
6. Josh Blakesley “Be Lifted High” (posted December 10, 2006): 8,600 views. Taken from his performance at the National Catholic Conference on Youth Ministry in Las Vegas.
7. 2010 Winter Olympics Video Blog #6 (posted February 10, 2010): 8,300 views. The one time I let Sean host the video blog and it’s the most viewed-one!
8. Imoo Hockumentary: The Ultimate Canucks Documentary (posted March 5, 2007): 7,800 views. Witness Sean and Jake as toddlers in this 2005 video that started it all.
9. 2010 Winter Olympics Video Blog #8 (posted February 13, 2010): 7,700 views. I talk about the Opening Ceremonies, the Olympic Torch Relay, and visit the Bell Ice Cube.
10. Child-Like Faith (posted August 1, 2006): 7,100 views. The video I try to sneak into every talk I do. It’s also the video that shows far the boys’ speech has come!

I certainly feel blessed that I’ve been able to chronicle some memorable events and moments over the past few years. Whether it’s one of my kids performing or one of the Canucks scoring, I’m grateful to have these memories to relive at the click of a mouse.

And I’m thankful to all of you who watch them! Here’s to 200 more!

Final 2010 Olympics Video Blog (#22): Closing Ceremonies, Canada vs. USA, and Oddwalk Makes Good

In my 2010 Olympic Winter Games Video Blog for March 1, the final one of the series:

-see footage taken immediately after Sidney Crosby’s winning goal in overtime, lifting Canada over the USA 3-2 for the gold medal in men’s hockey
-Canada’s final medal tally is 26 medals: 14 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze
-I attend the Closing Ceremonies at BC Place
-I go to the Bell Ice Cube one last time, to see Naturally 7’s final show at the Olympics
-I’ve included some of Oddwalk Ministries’ video of them making good on our wager…it’s very entertaining! See the entire version here:

2010 Winter Olympics Video Blog #21: Canada vs. USA Men’s Hockey Final, Team Canada Haikus

In my 2010 Olympic Winter Games Video Blog for February 27:

-It was Canada’s best day ever in the history of the OIympics (both summer and winter), as we won 3 gold medals: Kevin Martin led his team to a gold medal in men’s curling over Team Norway (funky pants and all), snowboarder Jasey-Jay Anderson won gold in parallel giant slalom, and the long-track speed skating team of Denny Morrison, Lucas Makowsky and Mathieu Giroux won gold in the team pursuit event. As well, our Canada 1 men’s bobsleigh team won a bronze medal.
-The 4 medals pushed Canada’s total to 25 medals: 13 gold, 7 silver, and 5 bronze.
-The 13 gold medals ties the record for most gold medals at the Winter Olympics, and the 13 gold medals sets a record for most gold medals won by a host country.
-As we look ahead to the massive gold medal match between Canada and the USA in men’s hockey, I pull out all of the stops for the video blog: I bring in Sean, Jacob, and Kayla, and we together reach into our bag of trips to pull out the often imitated yet never duplicated Hockey Haikus!
-I start off the video with a bit of the Ultimate Canucks Haiku video from 3 years ago. It has close to 28,000 hits on youtube and helped us win the Ultimate Canucks Family award in the Ultimate Canucks Fan Competition in 2007. See the whole video here:

2010 Winter Olympics Video Blog #20: Happy Hi-Fiving, Super Speed Skating, and Canada vs Slovakia

In my 2nd 2010 Olympic Winter Games Video Blog for February 26:

-I acknowledge another great day for Canada: we won 4 medals! Cheryl Bernard and her team won a silver medal in women’s curling, Charles Hamelin and teammate Francois Louis-Tremblay won gold and bronze respectively in the 500m men’s short track peed skating final, and the team including Charles Hamelin, Francois Hamelin, Oliver Jean, Francois Louis-Tremblay (and alternate Guillaume Bastille) won a gold medal in the 5,000m men’s short track speed skating relay.
-witness some happy hi-fiving as we took the streets to announce Canada’s awesome day. Most people obliged, a few rejected me, and I even got to take a picture with some nice females.
-see footage of a neat drumline from Sardis High School in Chilliwack
-I do a quick mention of Canada beating Slovakia 3-2 to earn another date with the USA, this time for the gold medal