Try out Find and Seek’s Brand New Room

They say that good things come to those who wait.

In the case of Find and Seek – Vancouver’s critically acclaimed puzzle adventure escape room experience – the 18-month wait for their new second room was well worth it.

So with eager anticipation, I took my all-star crew of sleuths to try to solve The Curse of Madame Zita’s Curiosities.  And we were not disappointed.


Team “Where’s My Ding?” (more on that later) consisted of spouses Megan and Nathan, spouses Krissy and Stephen, brothers Sean and Jacob, and yours truly.  Our group had a bit of everything:  Megan and Krissy are very organized and logical (they lead logistics for many archdiocesan events after all), Nathan is extremely calm and observant, Stephen is very hands-on and not afraid to try new things, Sean has a great memory and strong attention to detail, Jake is creative and innovative, and I boss everyone around.

Leading up to the day, Sean and Jake were very excited to try out Find and Seek and they had numerous arguments as to who would be our MVP.  Thankfully, the debates subsided once we entered the room.  Because we had no time for small talk.

In my blog on the first room from August 2015, I applauded the puzzles, the atmosphere, and the production values among other things.  I was surprised to see that all three of these elements are even better for their second room.

I was most impressed with the attention to the detail on essentially everything:  the puzzles, the clues, the décor, and the props.  There were very few red herrings and thus it seemed like almost everything in the room had a purpose.


As with the first room, I really enjoyed the variety in the puzzles.  They are all very clever and interactive but with different degrees of difficulty.  Some puzzles are quick while others take multiple steps (and multiple people) to solve. They require logic, communication, teamwork, and patience.

Thus, the puzzles test your logic, math, spatial awareness, observation skills, reading comprehension, and yes, even common sense.  Admittedly, I was looking to show off my mental math skills but I didn’t get as much of a chance to do so as the first time around.  Compared to the first room, there is less need for mental math but more need for astute observation.  Needless to say, it was a challenge for a guy who is good at math but has bad eyes and a short attention span.

Yet another strength of this room is that there are enough puzzles that everyone is always involved in doing something and not waiting around for 1 or 2 people to solve a particular puzzle.  The puzzles aren’t necessarily linear; that is you don’t always have to solve a certain puzzle to move on to another one.  Obviously, you need to solve all of them to successfully complete the room though.


The staff interaction is outstanding.  Before we entered the room, they gave us a detailed enough briefing.  Once we were in the room, they provided clues – when requested – on a flat screen TV.  The clues are customizable, so we were able to have a bit of fun in both requesting and receiving the clues.

As well, when you correctly solve a puzzle, you hear a computerized “ding” in the room.  In one particular funny moment, Sean solved a series of puzzles in succession but didn’t hear the ding.

So naturally, he proclaimed in his loudest voice, “WHERE’S MY DING?”

Naturally, a ding followed.

There were frantic moments.  There were funny moments.  There were frustrating moments.  And there were triumphant moments.

Needless to say, the 45 minutes went by extremely quickly, and we stayed a little longer to complete the room so we could walk out as victors.

Learn more about Find and Seek on their website here.   As well, you can like their page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Find and Seek is doing a limited release (Saturdays only) of their second room for the month of April. I’m happy to share with you this coupon below; use it to receive a discount on your group booking before April 30.  Just book online with the discount code GOCLAYGO2017.


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