SOAR – Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Song (Parody of Katy Perry’s “ROAR”)

We’re used to making songs about the Vancouver Canucks but for this week we’ll be focusing on the Seattle Seahawks as they look ahead to Sunday’s Super Bowl where they’ll take on the Denver Broncos.

Once again, I brought together two of the most talented and lovely ladies around to help me:  Marie Hui and Arielle Tuliao.

We touch on Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom, Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin, and of course, the 12th man.

Can’t wait until Sunday:  the Seahawks are gonna SOAR!

Arielle, Marie, and me
Arielle, Marie, and me
  • Doug

    That’s awesome guys! Now that songs gonna be in my head until Sunday. Go Hawks!