It was such a blessing to affirm over 100 people throughout August as part of my #AugustAffirmations initiative on Facebook and on my two Twitter accounts.  In the past few weeks, I’ve had a few questions about my intent to the tune of “Great idea…what made you think of it?” or “Why are you doing it?”

The answer is quite simple:  I felt that I was getting too self-centered on Facebook and Twitter.

Now a few of you may be wondering what took me so long to figure that out…haha.  And I think that mediums such as Facebook and Twitter are egocentric in their nature.

But during our recent family vacation to Orlando, I decided that I wasn’t going to post much about our trip while we were there – partly due to safety, partly due to not wanting to come across as a show off, and mostly due to my desire to “lock in” on the family.  Thus, I didn’t post a single picture from our trip until the day before I flew home, and I only shared a few status updates and tweets about the trip.

Knowing that I’d still be online a bit – whether it be to check work email or the latest hockey news – I came up with the idea of posting about other people instead of myself or my family.  And thus, #AugustAffirmations was born.

The purpose was to recognize and truly affirm some of the wonderful people in my life – whether family, friends, co-workers, ministry leaders, musicians, athletes, writers, speakers, Canucks bloggers, or all of the above.

Simply put, we don’t affirm people enough.  At home.  At work.  In ministry.  Socially.  In our often-narcissistic society, too many people focusing on building themselves up even at the expense of tearing others down.

Some of the people I affirmed wrote back with an affirmation to me.  While appreciated, it certainly wasn’t expected.  And it definitely wasn’t my intent.  But I won’t lie:  I love mutual admiration societies.

Therefore, I’m happy to announce that I will be continuing a similar initiative for the month of September (but only here on Facebook and not on Twitter) so I can continue to affirm and thank some wonderful people.

Given the new month, there’s really only one appropriate name for it: