Jivvy and Genevieve: How Two Became One

The happy couple
The happy couple


On November 8, 2013, Genevieve and Jivvy got married in Renton, Washington.  I was blessed to co-emcee the reception that evening, and as part of the program I presented the following story about Gen and Jivvy about how they met and how they got to know each other.  Enjoy!

The Great Adventure of Jivvy and Genevieve began over 12 years ago in the summer of 2001.  Ah yes, the glorious time of the summer of 2001.  Microsoft unveiled Windows XP.  Beijing was named the host of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  The top movies were The Princess Bride, Rush Hour 2, and American Pie 2.  And the undisputed number 1 song was the Destiny’s Child smash hit Bootylicious.

But more relevant and more importantly, the summer of 2001 was when Jivvy and Gen met for the first time: on the University of British Columbia campus for a Singles for Christ Conference called “One”.  Upon hearing some sweet sounds and silky smooth voices, Gen noticed a pile of women surrounding a couple of men singing some songs.  The two dudes in the middle were Jivvy and his cousin leading the music ministry for part of the event.  Needless to say, Gen was quite impressed…along with many of the other ladies there who were single…and apparently ready to mingle.

Later on in the Conference, it was Jivvy’s turn to notice Gen while she was leading a sharing.  Remember how Gen noticed Jivvy’s silky smooth voice?  While, Jivvy noticed Gen’s silky smooth…legs. Gen has just got back from one of frequent trips to Mexico – and upon Jivvy seeing Gen for the first time – he thought to himself, “Wow! Look at those short shorts and nice tan.  This sister has amazing legs!”

While impressed with Gen’s appearance, Jivvy had the opposite thought about Gen’s speech.  Upon hearing her speak, Jivvy actually wondered if she was fresh off the boat.  As in the big boat.  Even to this day, Jivvy is not convinced that Gen has the best grammar.

To which Gen often replies, “Hey pare… I speak English very good.”

But this uncertainty went both ways when they met.  While Jivvy was questioning Gen’s grammar and immigrant status, Gen took a bit of time to decipher her friend’s actual name.

“It’s Jivvy.”

“No really, what’s your actual name?”


“Oh…that must be short for something.”


“Do you have any other names?”

Married 13 years, married 8 hours
Married 13 years, married 8 hours

Fast forward to 2004, when Genevieve blasted out an email coupon to Coffee Bean to all of her friends….both real and virtual.  She hit up her contacts on ICQ, MSN Messenger, and of course Asian Avenue – where her screen name was “LovelyLegs.”

Out of the dozens of people she sent it to, only one person replied. And that person was her immigration officer.  Just kidding…it was of course, Jivvy.

That sparked a getting-to-know you process online.  They started to communicate with each other via email and Friendster before eventually moving on to Facebook.  They talked about many different topics: music, friends, faith, the LA Lakers, and general leg care and natural tanning.

Skip ahead to the Spring of 2011 when Jivvy decided to give up Facebook for Lent. Now, given how much that he and Gen were communicating online, this was a quite a big sacrifice.

Actually, more strategy than sacrifice…because he ended up giving her his number.

Thus, they moved quickly to texting and then on to Skype. Now they were now able to see each other while talking.  Thankfully, that didn’t scare either of them off.

In July of 2011, Jivvy and Gen met up in Seattle…and they looked forward to reuniting after 10 long years apart.  Jivvy was amazed at how Gen essentially looked the same 10 years later:  the same nice legs, the same nice tan.

Jivvy: you do realize that Gen’s naturally brown, right?

After Gen thanked Jivvy for the compliments, she said back to him – in perfect English I might add – “Hey there’s a new app we can use to communicate going forward…it’s called WhatsApp.”

“What’s that?” Jivvy asked.

“Exactly. You is right on, dude.” Gen answered.

They started dating that month and one year later took a trip to Hawaii where Gen could show off her tanned legs.  Whether it was her legs or mastery of the English language, Jivvy was now convinced that she the woman for him.

Then, just 6 months later, on Christmas Day, Jivvy surprised Gen by traveling up from Sacramento….just to ask her the big question.

Gen was extremely upset that she hadn’t heard from Jivvy throughout the day.  After all, it was Christmas.  Little did she know that he was traveling up from California to surprise her.

Her grumpiness turned to elation as Jivvy appeared in her living room and then asked her “Do you want to go somewhere private?”

“For sure!’ Gen exclaimed.

“Do you want to go to your room?” Jivvy asked.

“Whoa…slow down there buddy…my parents are downstairs.” Gen answered.

As they continued to walk, they passed a crucifix in Gen’s home. In a beautiful moment, both Jivvy and Gen spent time praying together before Jivvy popped the big question.

Almost a year later, they stand before you as husband and wife.

Jivvy and Gen: we are so happy for you. After years of Friendster, Facebook, Skype, and FaceTime, it’s wonderful that you will be with each other in person forever.

Looking back, it’s appropriate that you met at a Singles for Christ conference. Although you are not singles any longer, I know that you will continue living for God and we pray that He continues to bless you abundantly.

And it’s most appropriate that the Conference you met at was called “One.”  Because the two of you are now one couple, united by the Sacrament of Matrimony.

May God bless you.


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