#ClayinKrakow Day 5: Wrapping up an Uber-Good Trip

If you’ve read any of my 4 previous blogs about my Krakow trip, you know how this will begin:  with a massive breakfast of meat, fish, and potato pancakes.  Only because it was my last day, I went outside the box and tried something new:  I had a hot chocolate to go along with my pink grapefruit juice.  So daring.

This was the only day that we didn’t have a formal tour starting in the morning.  So after breakfast, I went back up to my hotel room.  Take a guess what I did:

a)  Took a shower.

b)  Got some work done.

c)  Went back to sleep.

d)  All of the above.

If you answered “d” then you win a fake million dollars.  I opened the blinds to my room (remember this important fact for the next paragraph) before getting an hour of work in.  I then went back to sleep for a couple of hours and woke up at 11am ahead of my noon meeting with Alan “Laying Down the” Law from Tour Design.

As I took off my clothes in the “main part” of my hotel room (and not my bathroom)  I looked with horror at equally-uncovered window.  I ran over to the window (I can’t even remember if I covered myself up first) and shut the blinds with incomparable speed.  I don’t know who was more mortified:  me or anyone in an adjacent hotel room that happened to see me.  I’ll never know if there was actually anyone there.  And that’s a good thing.

‘Nuff said.

Alan and I walked to the nearby Centrum Hostel, where the majority of the Vancouver pilgrims will be staying in July.  We had a good visit with the Hostel manager, asked a bunch of questions, and took a bunch of pictures.  We left feeling comfortable with the venue.

IMG_2958 IMG_3008

After stepping out of the hostel, we had to jump out of the way of a woman trying to park her car on the sidewalk.  I say “trying” because she came in too quickly and hit the rear of the truck in front of her; she crunched her license plate on the truck’s trailer hitch ball.

“So sorry,” she said to us and she got out of her car.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “that’s not our truck.”

Thankfully there was no damage to the truck and little damage to her car (only the license plate).  And thankfully, she didn’t run us over.

I’m surprised we didn’t see anyone get hit in Krakow given that people park on the sidewalks all throughout the city.


On our way to lunch, we visited a couple of nearby churches to see if they’d be open to hosting a Mass for our Vancouver pilgrims in July . I was able to communicate well enough to obtain a couple of church contacts and their business cards.  We’ll see what happens when I email them.

Alan and I went for lunch in the main market square and had a wonderful conversation ranging from parenting to work to funny World Youth Day stories.  It was a great chance to get to know each other better on a more personal level.  It was also great that Alan paid for lunch.

Isn’t it funny how food tastes a tad better when someone else is paying for it?

IMG_3057 IMG_3055

We walked back to our hotel to pick up my PR Manager Eunice and then Alan gave us a tutorial on the ride-sharing service Uber.  Just as he finished explaining it to us, our driver Tomasz pulled up in a neat and tidy Toyota Prius.  We felt confident given his driver rating was 4.9 out of 5.


He drove us to the 4 Friends Hostel, where a good third of our Vancouver pilgrims will be staying in July.  We met Justina the manager and she took us for a quick tour.  Again, we asked questions and took pictures.

And I made repeated jokes about her, Eunice, Alan, and me being “4 friends”.

IMG_3087 IMG_3123

We said good-bye and waited for another Uber driver.  Coincidentally, his name was also Tomasz.  He also drove a Toyota.  And he also had a 4.9 driver rating.  I started to wonder if you get a 4.9 automatically if your name is Tomasz and you drive a Toyota.

We tracked his whereabouts on the app as Alan shared Uber stories from Toronto.  Tomasz pulled up soon afterward and we jumped into his car.

Tomasz told us that this would be his last day driving for Uber as he wanted to focus on his other job.  I asked him if that means we would have the honour of being his last passengers.  Much to my disappointment, he said probably not as he would be available to other passengers until midnight.

Another driver who felt he got cut off tried to pick a fight with Tomasz.  However, Tomasz played it cool like any 4.9 driver would do and kept on driving.

We returned to the hotel and I finished my Day 4 blog before we left for dinner.  Our meal was a nice way to wrap up the week as we all exchanged stories and contact info.

I’ll likely write one more post on the weekend to sum up the trip.  Very briefly, I feel so fortunate to have come to Poland.  I was able to learn a lot more about the upcoming World Youth Day and look forward to sharing the info with Vancouver pilgrims.

I visited historic sites, ate great food, made good friends, and got to pray in some of the most beautiful basilicas and shrines I’ve ever seen.  I’m truly blessed.

Now, it’s 2:30am and I’ll be leaving for the airport in 90 minutes.  Upon arriving in Vancouver in the afternoon,  I will pick up Sean and we’ll head out to St. Matthew’s Parish in Surrey for FREEDOM.

And if you find me sleeping somewhere because of my jet lag, I’ll leave it up to you if you want to wake me up.


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