Bad Hair Clay

As I headed down to the 150 Robson basement today to grab some supplies for FREEDOM, I caught up to Archbishop Michael as he was heading to his car. 

“All ready for tomorrow?”  I asked him, referring to FREEDOM.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it!” he replied.

“Me too!”

As I answered him, I caught him staring at the top of my head.

“Hey, Clay…are you doing something different with your hair?”

Half-embarrassed and half-amused, I sheepishly replied “Uh no…I just need a haircut…and VERY BADLY.”

Archbishop Michael, the pastoral man he is, offered “Oh…how often do you get your haircut?”

“Every three weeks…or else I run the risk of being kicked out of public places.”

Archbishop Michael chuckled lightly and then we proceeded to talk about more important things than my hair.

But since we’re on the topic of my hair…

Most people know that I’ve had my current hairstyle (and I use that term loosely) since 2001.  I’m able to cut it myself, saving about $350 a year in the process.  Prior to shaving it all off, I had been sporting the box-cut for a few years, including in 2000 when Gail and I got married.

Many of my friends have been urging me to bring the Kid ‘n Clay haircut back, but I’m not sure if that’s the best look for me now.  But I could be convinced…

Simply put, there’s not a lot I can do with my hair.  It’s quite thick and it grows forward, so I’m limited as to what I can do with it.  But that didn’t stop me from experimenting in my high school years as you’ll see.

I can trace my bad hair to my childhood…check out this shot from 1978 (coincidentally, this could be a Stanley Cup preview for 2011!).  I, like many other Asian kids, had my haircut by my grandma in her bathroom…with the help of a very round bowl no doubt.

Or maybe I could go blond.

On second thought, maybe not. 

As my brother Jason said about me during his Best Man speech at my wedding 11 years ago:  “There’s nothing wrong with sticking with a haircut that works.”

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