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Bruno Mars Medley: The Entire “24K Magic” Album in 6 Minutes

Check out the mega-talented Katrina Del Rosario in our new video: she covers all 9 songs from Bruno Mars’ new album in just 6 minutes.

I love her range (both the soulful lower parts and the powerful upper notes) and was amazed at how quickly she picked up the transitions between songs.

And for those of you who know the lyrics to the songs – I hope you appreciate our edits.

New Year, Repeat Initiative

Two years ago, I came up with the #dailyaffirmation initiative, in which I affirmed a different individual, couple, or family every day.  In posting these daily affirmations on Facebook, I let people know how much I (and others) appreciated them.

I started the daily affirmations because I felt that people – in general –  didn’t do a good enough job of affirming people whether it be in family or spousal relationships, friendships, workplaces, or ministry.

Two years later, it’s still much of the same.  Often, it’s easier to find faults in others and judge others than it is to say something nice about them.

Thus, I’m doing it again.

The experience two years was extremely positive and I hope it will be similar this time around.  As with last time, there will be no particular rhyme or reason to the order of the affirmations.  They won’t necessarily be to family members or my closest friends; in fact I have the opportunity to affirm some people who I’m not particularly close to.

Well, except with one worthy exception.  If I had affirmed anyone else but my lovely wife Gail with the first one, I might not have lived to see January 2 for the second one.

Happy New Year!


Clay’s Corner Episode #7: When Your Wife is Amazing

My new Clay’s Corner is a must-watch for married couples (especially husbands) and anyone planning or hoping to get married.

I’m joined by my good friend Josh Canning (Alpha Canada, creator of Canadian Catholic) to talk about our amazing wives – Lisa and Gail.

In particular, we talk about how our wives bring out the best in us, and how they help us and challenge us when we struggle. We also discuss how our wives help us in our journey to become men of God.

Clay’s Corner Episode #4: We Will Win – Fr. Joseph Named New Bishop of Kamloops

Fr. Joseph Nguyen – the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Vancouver – RCAV – has been named as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Kamloops.

In my new Clay’s Corner, I talk about Fr. Joseph’s wonderful qualities and amazing story, and I trace the genesis of his most famous proclamation. ‪