Our Hawaii Family Vacation (via Facebook Status Updates)

Here is a complete summary of our one-week vacation to Hawaii…as told by my Facebook status updates:

August 3 @ 10:54am:  An auspicious start to our trip: while the family was reciting the Guardian Angel prayer in the van, I broke into “Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts…”

August 3 @ 4:29pm:  Of the 5 of us, Jake was the lucky one chosen for the random security testing. Can’t decide if it’s because of his necklace, his t-shirt, or his face.

August 3 @ 4:41pm:  Wow…traveling with my family is sure a lot different than traveling alone. Phrases like “gong show” and “dog’s breakfast” come to mind.

August 3 @ 11:17pm:  Having a little trouble distinguishing the locals from the Filipinos. Maybe they are all local Filipinos!

August 4 @ 12:55pm:  Thinking of starting up my own chain of stores down here: “XYZ Stores” sounds original enough!

August 4 @ 2:45pm:  Feeling the Aloha Spirit.

August 4 @ 10:58pm:  Excited for our first tour. Hope it turns out better than that other tour that embarked from Honolulu many years ago…that supposed 3-hour tour on the S.S. Minnow.

August 5 @ 10:54am:  Jake found a “SPAM Platter” at Jack in the Box. Needless to say, he’s a happy boy.

August 5 @ 10:06pm:  Angry Boys…next thing you know they’ll be breaking pieces of wood with their heads.

August 6 @ 10:24am:  Kayla was so excited to swim this morning that she blessed the poolside with a #1. Better outside of the pool than inside of it I guess!

August 7 @ 9:57am:  Thinking of doing a home version of “Silent Library” in honour of my Japanese roots. Now I just need 6 willing participants. Who’s in for some pain and some mess? :p

August 7 @ 2:46pm:  Enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

August 7 @ 3:45pm:  Today’s Mass reading from Matthew’s Gospel is one of my favourite passages: I guess Peter didn’t think that Jesus was going to call his bluff. :p

August 7 @ 7:53pm:  I think I have finally found my post-youth ministry job: a teppanyaki chef! I have the personality, the love of Japanese food, the sense of humour (questionable) and the coordination. All I need to do is learn how to cook.

August 8 @ 2:39pm:  Spent a few hours at Pearl Harbor: a fascinating look at one of the most historically significant places in world history. Didn’t see Ben Affleck though.

August 8 @ 6:00pm:  Taking the boys to hike Diamond Head tomorrow morn. Thanks to Oggy …I feel as ready as I’ll ever be!

August 8 @ 10:06pm:  Forget teppanyaki chef…I have found my true calling: as a hula dancer! Affirming comments only please. :p

August 9 @ 6:48am:  Sunscreen? Check. Power bands? Check. Water in pop bottles? Check. Off to Diamond Head!

August 9 @ 8:54am:  Proof that we made it…well at least the boys did.

August 9 @ 6:08pm:  Okay…forget teppanyaki chef and forget hula dancer. I want to be a tour bus driver: I enjoy driving and I enjoy talking. And I can do both at the same time!

August 9 @ 6:46pm:  Jacob McDonald, Sean McDonald, and Ronald McDonald. Once again, in their Angry Birds t-shirts.

August 10 @ 9:05am:  This trip has certainly been a blessing and has also re-affirmed the different personalities and relationships within our family: good, bad, and ugly. Gail and I have told the kids that the next trip will be just the two of us…haha!    

August 10 @ 9:49am:  Visiting Waikiki Beach one final time…albeit while picking up breakfast at McDonald’s.

August 11 @ 2:18am:  I’m surprised at how many Boston Bruins fans I met in Hawaii. Interesting to hear their perspectives on the series and their impressions of our city after the riot.

August 11 @ 10:56pm:  Home is where the heart is. Along with a bunch of shows on the PVR.

August 11 @ 11:42pm:  Timing is everything: a couple we met at the Seattle Premium Outlets today complimented our kids impressed with their politeness, respect for each other, and “advanced” vocabulary (their words).  Kayla’s next words were: “Jacob, you stupid idiot!”

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