It’s Here: The 1st Imoo Speed Stacking Tournament

Jake the Master Stacker
Jake the Master Stacker

Finally, weeks of anticipation will end on Saturday afternoon as the Imoo family hosts its first-ever Speed Stacking Tournament.  The entrants are coming from across the Lower Mainland to take part and include a famous anthem singer, social media experts, a teacher, a missionary, a youth ministry consultant, students, and more.

We’ll open our doors up at 2pm for anyone wanting to get an early jump on the competition (or get a coveted parking spot in our complex).  Jake will provide free speed stacking lessons starting at around 3pm before preliminary seeding begins at approximately 3:30pm.  After the seeding, we will have best of 3 single-knockout showdowns until we crown a champion.  And yes…we do have a prize for the winner.

As a bonus, the winner will get to face off against Jacob in a special challenge match. It could get ugly.

You’re welcome to come by to participate or watch…just let me know via Facebook, text, or email (

May the best speed stacker win!


PS:  You’ll see how far Jake has come in just a few months. Here’s a video of him from back in July, when he was using beer cups…haha.

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