Hotel Habits

We just got back from a mini-vacation in the States: we spent 3 days shopping in various cities in Washington State.  When we weren’t shopping (Gail’s favourite), we were either swimming (the kids’ favourite), eating (Daddy’s favourite) or sleeping (a family favourite…especially Jacob’s).  It was a wonderful getaway while Gail and the kids are on Spring Break. 

Gail and the kids absolutely love staying in hotels:  Gail because she doesn’t have to clean up after us (or at least less than usual) and the kids enjoy swimming and riding elevators and luggage carts.  It’s indeed a nice break from the regular routine of Richmond.

Starting last summer on our road trip to California, I noticed that all 5 of us have a “signature thing” or “habit” that we do or check out upon entering a hotel room for the very first time.  And sure enough, we all did as expected on Thursday afternoon as we checked into our hotel in Everett.  I guess old habits are hard to break!

So you think you know our family?  Then see if you can match up who does what upon entering a hotel room.  For simplicity, we’ll put Kayla with Gail, so your choices are:

-Gail (w/Kayla)

to go with:

-lying on the bed to check its size and comfort
-running to the window to check out the view
-testing the remote control of the tv and seeing what channels are available
-flushing the toilet to see how strong it is

Good luck…the answers might not be as obvious as you might think!

One thought on “Hotel Habits”

  1. I’m guessing you test the remote control.

    As for me, I pull the sheets back and make sure nothing is hiding in the bed. I’ve been doing that ever since I stayed at the Riviera Hotel for the NCCYM Conference in Las Vegas.

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