Head of the Class

Last week, Gail and I received a letter in the mail from Hugh Boyd Secondary School inviting us to the year-end awards ceremony at the school. Gail and I immediately re-arranged our schedules so that we could attend.

Then, this past Monday, I received an email from Boyd stating that Sean’s award would be a “major” one and thus we were encouraged to attend.  Needless to say, we got very excited and proceeded to spend the next couple of days speculating as to what award(s) he might win for his grade 8 year.

Top: Top Academic Student award, Bottom: Top Athlete award
Top: Top Academic Student award, Bottom: Top Athlete award

The awards ceremony was this morning at 10:15am. But even before that, Sean was busy dissecting a cow’s eye in Science class before I took him to the dentist for a quick check-up. We got back to school just after 9:30am and then I killed a bit of time before the presentations. Gail arrived shortly after 10:15am and thankfully didn’t miss much.

They handed out the Mathematics awards first. No dice.

Then Science. Nothing doing there.

Next was Social Studies and we were pleasantly surprised when they announced Sean as one of the award winners.

Following was English and once again Sean was one of the award winners. Not a bad start.

They finished presenting the rest of the academic awards and Sean wasn’t called up. I was quietly hoping that he’d win the Home Economics award but then I remembered the cupcakes he brought home last fall. Let’s just say that he unfortunately got his Dad’s cooking skills.

They moved onto the “Super G” award for students demonstrating a good attitude and strong work ethic. Sean won a Super G award although to this day we still don’t know what the “G” stands for.

Sean was then recognized for maintaining Principal’s Honour Roll status for the entire year; that is a minimum grade of 90% across all of his subjects. Quite the impressive feat.

But the best was yet to come.

The final three awards were Top Athlete, Top Academic Student, and Top All-Around Student. Citing his performance in football and basketball, Sean won Top Athlete (alongside his good friend Isaiah). I’m not sure if they considered Sean’s bowling (and inappropriate celebration dances).


A few seconds after exiting stage right, Sean was called back up stage left to receive the award for Top Academic Student. We were extremely happy that Sean won this particular award. Especially considering that we never see him studying or doing homework.


Sean didn’t win the award for Top All-Around Student. But he assures me that Megan is a worthy winner haha.

With that, the ceremony was over and the students were ushered back to their classes. Gail and I stayed to meet and thank the school administrators. We admitted that our original desire was to have Sean attend Steveston-London Secondary School. However, within a month of attending Boyd, Sean felt extremely comfortable where he was.

“You made the right decision,” one of the administrators said, “and thank you for sharing him with our school community.”

Gail hustled to her van to return to St. Paul School while I hustled to my phone to post the good news on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Needless to say, we are extremely proud of Sean. All kidding aside, he works extremely hard and he is gifted athletically and musically.   We continue to thank God for blessing him and for blessing us.

Later on in the evening, I cautioned Sean that both the workload and the competition will only get tougher from here.

But for now, he can go into the summer feeling happy for being recognized for a remarkable achievement:

Head of the Class.