Curious Kayla: Why, oh Why?

I took Kayla with me to the Spirit Day Stage Team rehearsal this afternoon.  Among the many skits that the team practiced was the “Everything” skit by the band Lifehouse.  In it, Jesus protects the main character by shielding her from many “vices” (played by people).

On the way home, I asked Kayla what she thought of the rehearsal. 

 “It was fun” she said.  “My favourite part was when everyone said bye to me.”

 “What was your least favourite part?” I asked.

 “When Jesus pushed Oggy down” she answered.  Oggy played one of the “vices”.

 And then it started.

 K:  “Why did Jesus push Oggy down?”

 C:  “Because Oggy is a bad guy.”

 K:  “Why is Oggy a bad guy?”

 C:  “He’s not, he’s just pretending.”

 K:  “Why is he pretending?”

 C:  “Because it’s not real life.”

 K:  “Why isn’t it real life?”

 C:  “Because it’s a skit.  Anything else Kayla?”

 K:  “Why did Jesus push Oggy down?”

 Oh oh…it was time to try a different approach.

 C:  “Because he is protecting the girl.”

 K:  “Why is he protecting the girl?”

 C:  “Because he loves her.”

 K:  “Why does he love her?”

 C:  “Because he loves everyone.”

 K:  “Does he love the bad guys too?”

 C:  “Yes he does but he doesn’t want them to be bad.”

 K:  “Why doesn’t he want them to be bad?”

 C:  “Because he doesn’t want anyone to be bad.”

 K:  “I’m not a bad girl, right Daddy?”

 C:  “Right Kayla…you’re just curious.”

 K:  “What does curious mean?