Comedy Hour at Costco

Our usually uneventful bi-weekly visit to the Richmond Costco was spruced up today by a bunch of comedic incidents that I either observed or was part of:

-within 5 minutes of entering the store, I witnessed 2 “shopping cart accidents.”  The first was a head-on collision; the second was a single-cart accident as a lady cut a corner way too aggressively.  As I usually do when I experience something funny, I went to Twitter and tweeted:  “At Costco & bad driving isn’t limited to the parking lot: I’ve already seen 2 shopping cart accidents inside. And we’ve been here 5 minutes.”  I received 2 immediate responses, both of them correctly guessing that I was at the Richmond location…haha.

-Jake, who along with Sean was wearing his Heelys (runners with a wheel in the heel), took a header in the bakery, barely avoiding going head-first into a stack of bread.  Thank goodness we weren’t on the Superstore ramp!

-as we made our way through the fridges in the middle section, I saw a guy drop a bucket of sour cream on the concrete, and its contents shot up all over his jeans.  The impact was so powerful that some actually hit Kayla, who was a good 10 feet away.  Gail, the nurturing woman that she is, quickly grabbed some of Kayla’s wipes and offered some to sour cream-covered gentleman.  Meanwhile…I, being not-so-nurturing, could barely contain my laughter.  “Maybe you can start a new fashion trend” I said to our new friend as he grabbed another container from the fridge.  He managed a smile between wipes.

-a couple of minutes later, Gail and Kayla grabbed some yogurt samples from one of the kiosks.  Wanting some as well, Jake skated up to Gail, grabbed her back, and asked her where she got the yogurt.  Except when the lady turned around to face him, it wasn’t Gail!  Perhaps still feeling the effects of his wipe-out, Jake had actually asked another Asian woman with long black hair and wearing a black jacket and jeans.  To her credit, the stranger smiled and pointed out where Jake could get the yogurt.  Jake sheepishly grabbed a sample while Sean and I whooped it up.

-while we were paying, I noticed Mr. Sour Cream at the checkout beside us.  As the employee scanned his container of sour cream, it slipped out of her hand and fell to the concrete…splattering all over the ground.  As the employee apologized, the customer adamantly declared “Forget it, the sour cream is cursed…I don’t want it anymore.”  Having seen 2 containers explode within 30 minutes, I could feel his pain.

-as we ate our yummy lunch of hot dogs, chicken strips and pizza, Jake slipped and nearly smacked himself against our table.  I told him that his Heely-ing skills were rusty. 

So in 60 minutes I saw Jake wipe out twice, sour cream exploding twice, a couple of shopping cart accidents, and a case of mistaken identity.

Can’t wait to see what happens at Superstore next weekend!

  • I would point a few reasons why someone could conclude the typical Asian stereotypes are supported…but I will remain silent in solidarity for my brother in Christ! This could have been a day in the life of my family too!