8 Blogs about Sean for his 8th Birthday

In honour of Sean’s 8th birthday today (August 2), I’ve decided to re-post 8 of my favourite blogs that I’ve written about him. Enjoy!

May 10, 2009: Sean’s 1st Communion. Sean shows me that he truly “gets it.”

April 8, 2009: My Brave Son. Sean braves it out for his 2nd oral surgery.

March 30, 2009: Confessions of a Youth Minister’s Son. Sean prepares for his first reconciliation.

February 19, 2009: My 7-year old Conscience. Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

December 25, 2008: The Blessing of Parenthood. A quick conversation at Christmas.

August 9, 2008: Passing the Buck. Learning bad habits from his old man.

April 9, 2008: When I Grow Up I Want to be…LIKE DAD! Sean proclaims his desire to be a youth worker.

June 26, 2007: Night-Time Prayer. The famous Nintendo Wii story.

Bonus Blog:

June 16, 2008: Secondary Income. Just in case this whole youth ministry thing doesn’t work out.

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