40 Things I Love About my Lovely Wife

My lovely wife Gail turns 40 years old today. To honour her, here are 40 things that I love about her.

  1. She’s lovely. Hence the title of this blog post.
  2. She’s humble. You don’t see her planning her own birthday party and then inviting people to talk about her at it and calling it a #Roadto40 Roast. Who on earth does that?
  3. She’s a wonderful wife. I don’t think anyone else would marry me. My friend Mike Patin likes to remind me that I married up. I can’t disagree.
  4. She’s an awesome mother. She is a natural mother thanks to many of the qualities on this list. Our kids are extremely lucky. As am I.
  5. She’s a great teacher. She has spent 15 years honing her craft and it shows.cg3
  6. She’s forgiving. There’s no other way to explain how we’ve been dating since 1989 and that she hasn’t left me yet.
  7. She’s tidy. Opposites attract, right?
  8. She’s loyal. To her family, friends, co-workers, and beliefs.
  9. She’s faithful. To her family, friends, co-workers, beliefs, and Netflix.
  10. She’s fashionable. She has no problem telling me to change my outfit or asking me if I’m serious about going out in public wearing that.cg4
  11. She’s outspoken (when necessary). See #10 (She’s fashionable).
  12. She’s an excellent cook. There’s a reason why I gained so much weight since our wedding. Well, it’s one of the main reasons at least. Another being I don’t always exercise.
  13. She’s unflappable. Sometimes I can’t crack her. No wonder I lose so many arguments.
  14. She’s a good public speaker. I know that she doesn’t give herself enough credit in this regard. She has a natural and likable way of presenting.
  15. She doesn’t fall asleep when in the passenger seat of a vehicle. When I’m driving she helps to keep me alert by talking to me, feeding me, or returning messages on my phone for me.
  16. She’s patient. Goes with #6 (She’s forgiving).cg1
  17. She’s possessive. Once in a while she’ll call me out for spending too much time with certain people or doing certain things. I kinda like that.
  18. She’s trusting. Generally, I have a long leash. Wait a second…did I just compare myself to a dog?
  19. She’s good with money. I’m the one who failed out of accounting.
  20. She’ll never rub the “you failed out of accounting” thing in my face. If she did, I would cry. A lot.
  21. She knows how to bargain. She learned this skill growing up in the Philippines. It’s come in handy many times.
  22. She’s organized. Opposites attract, right?
  23. She’s supportive. She puts up with my late nights blogging or filming corny music videos. Even when said music videos often feature attractive women.
  24. She’s intelligent. She realizes that I need to have the attractive women in my videos to make the videos more visually appealing (to go along with the appealing audio). No one is watching my videos for the old guy playing the piano.
  25. She’s a cheerleader. Once said music videos are completed, she will share them with friends and family.
  26. She’s loving. She is affectionate and tries to use loving and caring words.cruiselook
  27. She’s a good singer. Although she’ll never sing in one of my music videos. Maybe it’s because she’s scared that I’ll try and sing along.
  28. She’s a good dancer. She’s able to have fun at social events like weddings. I’m happy to save seats and watch her purse.
  29. She’s generous. Whether it be with her time, talent, or treasure, she models good stewardship.
  30. She has discretion. Meanwhile, I don’t even know what the word means.
  31. She’s unselfish. She has a knack of putting the needs of others ahead of her own.
  32. She’s handy around the house. Opposites attract, right?
  33. She laughs at my jokes. Sometimes. Perhaps she laughs just so I’ll stop.
  34. She’s a heavy sleeper. Thus, when I crawl into bed I can watch the sports news on TV without her knowing.
  35. She’s absolutely horrible at sarcasm. Her attempts to insult me or poke light fun of the kids are often quite funny as she’ll mix up words or use incorrect sayings.
  36. She’s hospitable. She has the gift of hospitality, including feeding everyone who appears in my music videos. It’s my way of thanking them so I can’t afford to pay them.
  37. She likes the Canucks. I don’t know how we’d last if this wasn’t true.cg2
  38. She’s resourceful. She doesn’t like to waste things or waste time.
  39. She packs well. Whenever I go out of town for work or for a speaking gig, she’ll help prep my suitcase by asking tough questions like “Do you really need 7 t-shirts for a 3-day trip?”
  40. She’s the one who introduced me to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. My life was forever changed.cg5