2014 Imoo Family Christmas Letter

Blessings to you and Merry Christmas!  It was a great year for our family, highlighted by Sean’s Confirmation in the spring and our trip to Disneyland and Alaskan cruise in the summer.

This year, for our 13th annual Christmas letter, we’re going to change things up a bit.  So enjoy some personal highlights, what we’re thankful for, and what we’re looking forward to next year!



  • Highlights:  starting gymnastics in tumbling class at Cartwheels, Disneyland and the Alaskan cruise, having Mommy as my teacher, my 7th birthday party at Go Bananas
  • Thankful for:  my parents and my brothers because they take really good care of me
  • Looking forward to 2015:  receiving my First Communion, doing more gymnastics




  • Highlights:  joining a bowling league (and having my own bowling ball, bag, shirt, and towel)…my high score is 182!, repeating as volleyball champs with the grade 6 team at St. Paul School, Disneyland and the Alaskan cruise, joining Quilchena Golf & Country Club with Sean
  • Thankful for:  my life,  my family,  my education, and my bowling ball
  • Looking forward to 2015:  trip to Philippines, more bowling, setting a new personal best in speed stacking





  • Highlights:  getting Confirmed in May, winning top all-around student at St. Paul School, starting high school and making the grade 8 basketball team, Disneyland and the Alaskan cruise, starting Life Teen at St. Paul’s
  • Thankful for:  my family, my new friends in high school
  • Looking forward to 2015:  trip to Philippines, joining the football team (and hopefully not getting crushed)






  • Highlights:  Disneyland and the Alaskan cruise (I didn’t have to cook or do laundry for 2 weeks), being married to a 40 year-old, having Kayla in my class
  • Thankful for:  my family, my health, my job
  • Looking forward to 2015:  going to the Philippines my cousin’s wedding and family reunion, Kayla’s First Communion, turning 40 years-old in March






  • Highlights:  turning 40 in June (and throwing myself a party haha), losing 15 pounds and getting in better shape, working with the Canucks on a Canucks-branded Christmas Carol video, Disneyland and the Alaskan cruise, work trips (to Saskatoon, Fort Worth, Atlanta, and San Antonio)
  • Thankful for:  my loving and forgiving wife, our kids who humble me with their child-like faith, the opportunity to help youth and young adults encounter Jesus
  • Looking forward to 2015:  the move of the JP II Pastoral Centre, Kayla’s First Communion, Jacob going to Spirit Day as a participant, staying in shape, more opportunities to speak and write


Thanks for taking the time to read this Christmas letter.  We’re looking forward to another great year in 2015.  We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!  We hope that 2015 brings you joy, happiness and good health!

Our family will be praying for you.  Pray for us too!

Love and God Bless,

Clay, Gail, Sean, Jacob and Kayla