10 Blogs and Videos for Sean’s 10th Birthday

It’s hard to believe that Sean Isaiah is already 10 years old! It was on August 2, 2001 that Gail gave birth to Sean at 3:53am at Richmond General Hospital. Over the past decade, Sean has blessed us with his maturity, sensitivity, and child-like faith.

Here are 10 of my favourite blogs and videos about Sean (5 of each).  Enjoy!


Easter Musings: Smart Sean, Sly Sean, Sneaky Sean (April 24, 2011): It was only a matter of time before Sean figured the Easter Bunny out.

Like Father Like Son (August 2, 2010):  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Giving it His All (July 2, 2010):  Reflecting on Sean’s ball hockey season and track and field.

Quality Time (October 24, 2009):  After a long day of work there’s nothing better than some quality time with a quality kid.

Sean’s First Communion (May 10, 2009):  Sean receives Jesus Christ in the Eucharist for the very first time.


Sean Bustin’ A Move (St. Paul School Spring Fair Talent Show) (May 28, 2011):  See Sean dance to Rocketeer and Club Can’t Handle Me.

Getting to Know Sean Isaiah (January 17, 2011):  Hear Sean talk about his family, his favourite foods, his favourite hobbies, and his favourite vacation spots.

Where is the Love? (Sean and Tia at Skillz Talent Show) (June 12, 2010):  Sean and Tia do a little Black Eyed Peas.

Sean’s Book Report as a Rap (to Ice Ice Baby) (May 30, 2010):  In this rappin’ review, Sean enlists the help of Jacob, Kayla, and his rhythmically-challenged Dad.

The Faces of Imoo (January 3, 2009):  A blast from the past.

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