Youth Ministry People are Darn Punny

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Indianapolis for the NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference).  I was able to rub shoulders with the who’s who of Catholic youth ministry and even stand on the massive stage in the middle of Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Indianapolis Colts and Super Bowl XLVI). 

While I got to connect with many old friends (old as in I already know them and not necessarily as in age), I was also blessed to spend some quality time with people for the first time.

One of my new friends is Bob Rice.  We’d said hello in passing before and we’d been following each other online and on Twitter for a while.  On Saturday night we were able to share a meal together.

As part of the get-to-know-you process, Bob asked me what my last name meant in Japanese.

“Sweet potato” I replied, happy I was able to share one of the few Japanese words I actually know.

“Imagine if we did ministry together,” Bob said, “we could be Rice & Potatoes!”

“That’s awesome!” I said. 

“Make sure you tweet it!” Bob answered.  We finished off our meal thankful for the time we were able to spend together.

The next morning, between flights home, I was able to tweet it as promised.

@claytonimoo:  Given that my last name means potato in Japanese, I’m starting a new ministry with @therealbobrice called “Rice and Potatoes.” #booknow

This set off a series of very punny tweets:

@therealbobrice (Bob Rice):  @claytonimoo It’s ironic that you’re an Asian man with the last name “potato” and I’m an Irish guy with the last name “rice.”

A great point by Bob…surprised we didn’t discover this the night before.

@apexbrad (Brad Farmer):  @claytonimoo @therealbobrice doesn’t he already have one w/ @chrismpadgett ? Rice Chris P

A great play on words from Brad (Rice Krispie…get it?) as Bob Rice and Chris Padgett have performed together as “DECAF”…most notably in Las Vegas with their legendary “Hand Motions in Heaven.”

@apexbrad (Brad Farmer):  @claytonimoo @therealbobrice @chrismpadgett actually, I vote for Potato-Farmer

@chrismpadgett (Chris Padgett):  @apexbrad @claytonimoo @therealbobrice or rice chris p potato farmer. Let’s stick together.

I love it.  What a team we would be.  We could just recite puns for the entire set.  I can see it now…coming soon to a conference or rally near you:


Think anyone would actually book us?