Top 5 Qualities You Need to Have to Provide Security for the Pope

Photo credit: AP

I watched with great joy and amazement as I watched the live feed online of Pope Francis arriving in Brazil and making his way through the busy streets of Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day.  The trek was equal parts exciting and harrowing as mobs of people took turns rushing the small car he was being transported in.  While most people were content to take pictures, there were many who tried to do more whether it was touch Pope Francis, hi-five Pope Francis, or grab Pope Francis.

Whether it was a lack of planning or attention to detail, I was surprised at how easily people were able to approach the car.  In particular, I was fascinated by the men providing security detail.  They took turns thwarting and blocking people from the car, all while running alongside the vehicle.

Thus, as a tribute to these brave men, I proudly present to you the Top 5 Qualities You Need to Have to Provide Security for the Pope:

  1. Own a black suit.  Black is certainly a power colour and it makes you look (and feel) much more official.  Think about it: would you rather be protected by Men in Black or Men in Fuchsia?
  2. Be able to run alongside a car without having your foot run over.  Although this is an extremely underrated skill, it is vital to your survival.  The car will make many sudden stops and starts and you need to be able to anticipate them if you want to keep both of your feet – and all of your toes.
  3. Be in decent shape.  This goes hand-in-hand with #2.  You’re not going to do much good if you only last a few minutes or a kilometre or two.  Plus you’ll look really bad on camera.
  4. Own sunglasses.  Many factors here including looking more intimidating, looking more fashionable, and not letting the bystanders be able to read your eyes.
  5. Know a few wrestling moves.  I’m pretty sure I saw a few of the guys throw some elbows and clotheslines on anyone who got too close.  However, you must be able to perform such moves while running alongside the car in a black suit with sunglasses on your face.


I’ll leave you with a few of my tweets from when I was watching the motorcade online.




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