Imoo Family Prayer Calendar

Here is our Imoo Family Prayer Calendar.  We started it a few years ago as a way to incorporate more prayer into our family life and it’s been a wonderful blessing to us ever since. 

On any given day, we lift up at least one person or family in prayer and we know that they are doing the same for us!  The love and support of our prayer partners continues to lift us up.

The Prayer Calendar is a nice constant for us amidst the craziness that life serves up.  It’s a neat evangelization tool and great talking point when we have company.  It’s especially gratifying to see Sean and Jacob making it their job to look up the names every day.

Drop me a line if you’d like to be added to our prayer calendar!

1. Estrada, Goh, Powell
2. Marie, Tom
3. Khym, Sarah
4. Genevieve, Katrina
5. Akoglu, Neil, Nicole, Tse
6. Dave & Kathy, Dungen
7. Geri, Graham, Julie Ann, Spicer
8. Bandy & Natalie, Ciara & Mio
9. Manibusan, Patin
10. Alisha, Luttrell
11. Devin, Joelle & Kevin, Vetter
12. Fok, Joseph
13. Chen, Imoo
14. Mascitti
15. Angotti, Dorothy & Kevin, Yu
16. Analyn, McCreedy
17. Chiu, Mesana
18. Hume, Kevin T
19. Wong
20. Mary, So
21. Elisse & James, Gwen & Paul
22. Mom, Phyllis & Kris
23. Celina & Chris, Friesen, Greg
24. Jan
25. Darian, Krissy & Stephen
26. McBurney
27. Chris & Jenny, Karen, Tony
28. East, Garcia, Gillespie, Megan
29. Alvina, Father Justin, Janice
30. Father James
31. Goh

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