Giving Thanks in a New Type of Nomination Video: #AffirmationNominations

Gail and me with Stephen and Krissy on their wedding day this past June.
Gail and me with Stephen and Krissy on their wedding day this past June.

It was 8:45am on Wednesday morning when I gave my good friend Krissy a call.  We enjoyed a quick catch-up session over the phone and we ended our conversation talking about the recent trend of #NekNomination drinking videos circulating around the internet.

Krissy ran her idea by me: “What about if I started something that’s more positive in nature…something that’s more affirming?”

“Great idea!” I told her.  After all, she was talking to the guy who initiated #AugustAffirmations and #SeptemberShoutouts last summer.

We committed to connecting later on in the day.  We traded a few texts regarding content and format and by 10:49am (just 2 hours after our initial conversation) I had a new video from Krissy in my WhatsApp inbox.  Here it is:


I was flattered to be nominated by Krissy and looked forward to creating my own video later on in the evening.  This is how mine turned out:


I absolutely love Krissy’s idea and I hope it catches on.  I guess that’s where skillful nominations come into play.

In explaining the motivation behind the idea, she said “My students told me about the drinking videos, and I couldn’t believe how crazy people were getting with it.  In realizing how powerful social media had become, I couldn’t help but wonder if we could harness that same energy into something more affirming.  So this idea came up.  We don’t affirm each other enough.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Over to you Arielle, Heather, and Gene!

  • Pretty Terisita

    looking forward to the videos from others 🙂