40 Things I Will Accomplish Before my 40th Birthday

Celebrating my 39th birthday at The Keg

As I enter my 40th year, there are many areas of my life that I would like to improve including my spirituality, my health, my work, my relationships, and my important roles as husband and father.  Thus, here are 40 things I will accomplish this year before my 40th birthday:

  1. Go to bed earlier.
  2. Get up earlier.
  3. Be less lazy.
  4. Pray more as a family.
  5. Get Archbishop Michael to laugh at one of my jokes because it’s funny and not out of sympathy.
  6. Be as much parent as I am playmate to my children.
  7. Help Sean discern which high school he will go to for grade 8.
  8. Spend more intentional one-on-one time with Jacob.
  9. Spend more intentional one-on-one time with Kayla.
  10. Take Gail out on more dates.
  11. Make a positive impact on everyone I encounter.
  12. Improve my listening and communication skills.
  13. Go to daily Mass more often.
  14. Read the Bible more often.
  15. Read Catholic literature more often.
  16. Inspire others.
  17. Be more strategic with my time on the internet and with social media.
  18. Blog more regularly.
  19. Keynote at least 3 major youth conferences in North America.
  20. Obtain more speaking engagements & expand my speaking topics.
  21. Emcee (or co-emcee) 3 weddings.
  22. Exercise more (and lose 10-15 pounds).
  23. Drink less pop.
  24. Bring my lunch to work more often.
  25. Never be too busy (or appear too busy) for friends.
  26. Make more YouTube videos.
  27. Keep name-dropping.
  28. Have my name dropped.
  29. Contribute more to my roller hockey team.
  30. Learn how to use Prezi.
  31. Help out more around the house.
  32. Affirm and motivate others at work, in the archdiocese in general, and in my home parish.
  33. Give Gail more down time and alone time (if she wants it).
  34. Enrol Kayla in some sort of dancing or gymnastics class.
  35. Convince Jacob to try different kinds of food.
  36. Walk side-by-side with Sean in his Confirmation year.
  37. Invite a fallen-away Catholic back to church.
  38. Be more open to eating Chinese food.
  39. Be more organized at home and at work.
  40. Plan an epic 40th birthday party.


BONUS:  Grow a flat top for my 40th birthday on June 22, 2014.

I have a year to bring back the flat top.

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