20 Things I Likely Won’t Accomplish This Year…But it Would Be Cool if I Did

Could I end up on tour with Matt Maher?

Yesterday I posted 40 things that I plan to accomplish in the next year ahead of my 40th birthday.  Some will be harder to achieve than others, but I truly believe that there isn’t anything on the list that will be impossible to do.

That’s what today’s list is for.  So, enjoy 20 things that likely won’t happen this year…but it would be cool if they did:

  1. Go on tour (or at least on stage) with Matt Maher.
  2. Join Take 6 as its 7th member forcing them to rename themselves as Take 7.
  3. Join Naturally 7 as its 8th member forcing them to rename themselves Naturally 8.
  4. Sing a note above middle C without screaming (kind of important for #1, #2, and #3 on this list).
  5. Have Gail proclaim: “Wow, you actually are quite handy around the house.”
  6. Teach Gerard, Erwin, and Faye something about computers.
  7. Play the organ/synthesizer for one Vancouver Canucks home game.
  8. Accompany Marie Hui during one of her anthem performances at the Vancouver Whitecaps games.
  9. Hang out with Chris Palliser on the sidelines at a BC Lions game.
  10. Have Gail proclaim:  “Wow, you actually are a good cook.”
  11. Go through an entire year without saying something silly in front of Archbishop Michael.
  12. Get any one of Sean, Jacob, or Kayla to declare that I’m a cool dad.
  13. Beat Rich in a three-point shooting contest.
  14. Have someone tell me that I have nice printing.
  15. Have Gail proclaim:  “Wow, you actually are a good dresser.”
  16. Be an in-studio guest for one segment on a local sports talk radio show.
  17. Have more than five people read my blog regularly.
  18. Appear on a reality TV show as a judge.
  19. Have Gail proclaim:  “Wow, you actually are romantic.”
  20. Go to Rome to see the Pope on an all expenses paid trip courtesy of the Canadian government.  Oh…wait a sec.
A once-in-a-lifetime trip

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